PoP 216 Ideal Client 4 of 5 How to Talk About Out-Of-Network

Attracting ideal client

Today, Joe Sanok speaks attracting your ideal clients, part 4 of 5, how to talk about out-of-network.

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NOTE: This podcast is for people who are currently growing their practice.

How To Talk About Out-Of-Network

Bring up the following points when having a conversation with a potential new client:

  • Ask what they are you looking for in counseling and whether they have been in counseling?
  • Pitch other therapists
  • Ask when they would prefer to have a session
  • “We consider ourselves an out-of-network practice. This means we don’t bill your insurance directly. Some of our clients are re-imbursed 100%, others aren’t. We want you to know this ahead of time.”
  • Go into details about how the payment process will work when they come for their session
  • Understand what vocation people are involved in. For example, if they want to become a pilot, they may not be allowed to if they have a previous history of mental illness. Make sure they understand this.
  • Discuss the rate on the phone and mention this and all of the above in all paperwork

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