Christopher Lochhead Wants You To Level Up Your Practice | PoP 245

Christopher Lochhead Wants You To Level Up Your Practice

In this episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Christopher Lochhead about how to level up your practice.

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Meet Christopher Lochhead

Christopher is a former three-time, Silicon Valley public company CMO and entrepreneur. The Marketing Journal calls him one of “The Best Minds in Marketing,” Fast Company Magazine calls him a “Human Exclamation Point,” The Economist calls him “off -putting to some,” and Newsweek calls him, “The Howard Stern of Entrepreneurialism.” At 18 he got thrown out of school, and with no other options he started a company. After 30 years in business he retired. Christopher can’t remember his wife’s phone number, but can recite much of The Big Lebowski. He’s a proud advisor to non-profit t 1Life Fully Lived, a surf and ski bum who gives the occasional ass-kicking talk. He’s living happily ever after with an amazing woman, a great tribe and six little dinosaurs in Santa Cruz California.

Christopher Lochhead’s Story

He was born and raised in Canada. His family is originally from Scotland. He became an entrepreneur by accident when he was 18 and got thrown out of school. He had no money, no experience, and no education, but was faced with either becoming an orderly in a hospital or starting his own business.

“I had to learn by doing, seeking out coaches and mentors, and reading.”

In This Podcast

**Explicit content**


Christopher Lochhead speaks further into categorization, i.e.: creating a unique category within your industry / niche that prevents you from competing with others and results in you standing alone and setting the standard. This, specifically with regards to finding a niche, identifying a problem, and learning to differentiate yourself.

Finding a Niche

You aren’t going to attract clients due to more education or because of how you are licensed, clients aren’t able to relate to that. Instead, you need to be clear around how you solve a specific problem/s that they struggle with. You need to explain to the world why this problem matters.

“When you hear someone articulate your problem better than anyone else, you assume they have the best solution.”

You need to ‘niche down’ and become known for a very specific service / product offering that solved a very specific problem.

How To Identify a Problem

There are problems that the world knows that it has that you have reimagined in some way. Once you have identified your problem, you need to be clear on how you define it. Furthermore, you need to try do it in a unique way that creates a new category. Once you’ve done that, you are able to create the rules for that category and you become the standard that others compare themselves to.

How To Differentiate Yourself

Write down a list of everything that is wrong with the current category related to your profession. Then, write down a list of how you would like your category to be viewed. This is then establishing your point of view. Rather than competing with players in the current category, create your own category.

“Differentiation is about forcing choice.”

Businesses differentiate on three different dimensions:

  • Skill
  • Scale
  • Time

Make use of scarcity to differentiate yourself as well.

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