Dr. Mark Mayfield On How Nametags Made a Multi-Six Figure Practice | PoP 247

In this episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Dr. Mark Mayfield on how nametags made a multi-six figure practice.

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Meet Dr. Mark Mayfield

Dr. Mark Mayfield is Founder and President and CEO of Mayfield Counseling Centers in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He received his doctorate in Counselor Education and Supervision with an emphasis in Nonprofit Leadership and Management from Walden University, and a masters degree in Counseling from Denver Seminary. Mark has extensive experience within the realm of substance abuse (primarily with the adolescent population). He has worked with gang members in the inner-city of Denver, developed adolescent and family therapy programs working with at-risk youth, provided in-home family therapy and multi-systemic family therapy, and have developed Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy groups for child and adolescent survivors of mental and/or emotional struggles.

His doctoral research focused the effects of Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy on veteran survivors with partial or full PTSD and has recently been published in a human growth and development textbook. Mark is also launching a social media movement called #metoo which produces short videos where individuals are able to share their mental health stories. The hope with the #metoo movement is to reduce and/or eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health.

Dr. Mark Mayfield’s Story

When starting a private practice, you need to be willing to take a risk and market yourself. In the beginning, I had to learn to think like an entrepreneur as opposed to just a clinician.

Before he started his practice, Mark was working in community health. Yet, he had lost the joy around why he got into the field in the first place, which is why he decided to go into private practice.

Initially, what Mark did well was that he didn’t try to do it alone, instead he started his practice within a community. He is still getting referrals from the relationships he built in the first year. He went straight into starting a group practice as opposed to a solo private practice.

In This Podcast


Mark Mayfield speaks around how he started his, now flourishing, group practice and how he moved into having the mindset of a businessman. He shares the way he structures his KPIs as well as general tips and advice on how to grow and run a group practice. This podcast forms part of our series on interviewing owners of multi-six figure private practices.

KPIs Within Mark’s First Year Of Private Practice

“If I have to close the doors tomorrow, at least I’ve given it my all.”

  • Increase caseloads of counselors on staff to cover expenses
  • Put out a good product
  • Aim for $100 000 in first year (did $225 000)

Mark Mayfield Counseling works with red, yellow, and green goals when it comes to KPIs, for example, relating to their goal for income within the first year:

  • RED: Up to $50 000
  • YELLOW: Between $50 000 and $100 000
  • GREEN: Over $100 000

Ways To Grow Private Practice

Networking is always a good way to grow. One thing Mark and his fellow clinicians did was wear their nametags to the grocery store etc. to initiate conversations about their practice. Community talks also helped.

“If you don’t have a plan of where you are going, you’re going to miss the mark every time.”

Mayfield Counseling is constantly expanding their team and uses scorecards etc. to keep everyone on track.

Personal Boundaries

Mark works out a schedule with his wife to ensure he gets a sufficient amount of time with his family. He also turns his phone off when he gets home and makes sure he never works on weekends.

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