Ginny Mills Did W-2 Instead of 1099 and Here’s Why | PoP 249

Ginny Mills did W-2 instead of 1099 and here's why | PoP 249

In this episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Ginny Mills about why she has gone the W-2 route instead of the 1099 route.

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Meet Ginny Mills

Ginny has served, created and led at all levels in the behavioral health and addiction care sector. She is a licensed professional counselor and licensed clinical addiction specialist who owns and operates Full Life Counsel ing and Recovery in Winston-Salem, NC.

Her background includes past service as the Chief Clinical Officer for the Partnership for a Drug-Free NC, board member for the NC Substance Abuse Professional Practice Board, and founder of both for-profit and nonprofit organizations.

Ginny Mill’s Story

It took Ginny quite a while to gain clients initially. But, since then, she has grown from strength to strength, one client at a time. Her practice is very niche specific, making it difficult to market to the general public.

She got most of her clients through referrals and through running unique courses that had never been done before.

In This Podcast


Ginny Mills speaks around how she grew her group practice by making the decision to employ W-2s instead of 1099s. She also provides information around her developing ‘Parents Through Addiction’ program. Ginny shares what motivates her and how she has grown her business to the six figure mark.

Adding Clinicians

When Ginny was unable to respond to client requests within 72 hours, she realized she needed to bring on more clinicians. Ginny has always been very set on keeping consistency within her group practice. She has done this through developing a very specific system of care that she ensures everyone who works for her adheres to. She also arranges regular meetings with her employees to stay on track with them.

Moving From 1099 to W-2

Ginny decided to employ part-time employees, instead of 1099s, in order to be able to better train and keep tabs on her team. She’s also always made sure to listen to her gut when it comes to hiring people. It’s important that the chemistry between them and Ginny is right.

Parenting Through Addiction

PTA is a membership-based program for parents whose lives have been affected from their kids being addicted to drugs or alcohol. The aim behind the course is to give hope during the time when their children may not be interested in changing their behavior.

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