Listener Q&A About Private Practice | PoP 241

Listener Q&A about private practice

In this episode, Joe Sanok addresses listeners’ questions about starting, growing, and scaling a private practice.

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In This Podcast


In this episode, Joe addresses questions from listeners. From questions about when it is the right time to start a private practice to what you should be doing in Grad School to prepare to go into private practice, this podcast is filled with resources to start and grow a private practice.

Listener Q&A

Q: When do you know that you’re ready, in terms of your skills as a clinician, to go into private practice?

A: You never feel entirely ready. The more you do it, the more confidence you have. There are, however, things that you can do that will help you feel more ready like listening to podcasts and researching marketing tips and advice etc. Furthermore, only 8% of the US has a Masters Degree, therefore you are already in the top percentage of the general public. Right out of Grad School, find a job where you can get paid to network in order for you to become more well-known in your community. Finally, how much risk are you willing to take on? Are you in a financial position to open a private practice?

Q: What plugins are you using with your WordPress Site? Which ones are ‘have-to’s’ and which ones are optional?

A: Plugins are like apps for your website. They do tend to slow down your website, so you only want to have the ones you really need. These are:

  • Akismet Anti Spam
  • Content Form 7
  • Google XML Site Maps
  • Jet Pack
  • Pinterest Pin It Button
  • Pixel Cat
  • Yoast
  • Pretty Link

Q: I have a URL and a WordPress Site, how do I get started with that? When do I transfer the content and will I lose SEO traction?

A: Turn your Grad School papers into blog posts to build up your SEO. You can use a permanent re-direct to ensure that you don’t lose any content or SEO traction.

Watch this video to get extra tips and advice on what to do in Grad School to prepare for private practice.

Q: What other income streams can you add to running a private practice?

A: Your private practice does not have to fulfill your entire income, especially initially. Perhaps look at finding a job that you love that is low-stress. For the rest of the time, work like crazy on building your private practice by networking / blogging, etc. Have enough saved up to keep your business afloat for three months. Do what you can to get rid of the financial pressure. Build habits of being smart with your money when you are struggling.

Q: How do you build a business plan and do market research?

A: You need to evaluate the market, research it, and understand it. People that say the market is saturated often have poor business skills in general. Push back against that mindset. I’m not a big fan of business plans, people usually create them and then they get put in a drawer and gather dust. Rather, identify goals / KPIs. Clear structure for what you need to do next. Subscribe for 28-step checklist to starting a private practice. Sign up for newsletters. Always think about ‘what is the function of what I’m doing?’

Q: How do you co-ordinate with client inter-disciplinary providers?

A: Is this more from a marketing perspective or from a care perspective? It depends on what the client wants. There is value in it from the client’s perspective as well as from a marketing perspective. From a limited time perspective, look at what your role is and isn’t.

Q: How do you help therapists make decisions to get involved in blogging, etc. themselves?

A: It depends what phase of practice they are in:

  • Start-up phase: bootstrapping, focusing on ideal client, earning $50k gross.
  • Growth phase: up to $100k, looking at outsourcing
  • Scaling phase: over $100k, how do I remove myself from all of the non-essentials of the private practice

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