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Next Level Private Practice

In this episode, Joe Sanok speaks about reaching for the next level of private practice.

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In This Podcast


In this podcast, I launch my series on leveling up your private practice. I explain why it’s important to scale your practice as well as what the three stages are of this. This is an introductory podcast of what is to come in the weeks ahead.

Why Level Up?

What the average private practice counselor does is we make bears out of chipmunks.

Make time for your big ideas and scaling.

Living the life you want to live is more fulfilling than just sitting in a chair and doing the minimum required for your job. When you do this, it’s also really hard to increase your income. Instead, you need to look at how you can multiply your time.

Three Phases Of Leveling Up

  1. Assess where you are at
    • Where do you spend your time?
    • Where is the money coming from?
    • What drives you?
  2. Brutally take things off of your plate
    • Create one, small boundary that you’re going to stick to
    • Brutally examine what it’s going to take to stick to that boundary
    • Outsource items around that boundary
  3. Getting to the next level
    • Create space to slow down to allow your brain to settle down to start brainstorming
    • When we slow down, those sparks of innovation come

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