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The nuts and bolts of building a group practice

In this episode, Alison Pidgeon speaks about the “nuts and bolts” of how to build a group practice.

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In this episode, Alison Pidgeon speaks about the systems and processes required for running a group practice and how to make it more efficient and streamlined. This includes making use of an electronic health record system, hiring administrative help, and writing down your processes.

If you set up a process and a step in this process gets skipped, it can be very disruptive for the business. The same applies if there is a weak link in the process.

The administrative side of your practice is going to increase dramatically from a solo practice to a group practice. If you’re planning on growing to a group practice, strongly consider hiring an administrative person.


These may include the following:

  • How to schedule a new client
  • How to check insurance benefits
  • What paperwork needs to be completed for an intake
  • What happens regarding rescheduling / taking co-pay

Be sure to write all these different processes down in order to make it very clear to a new employee. Think about the standards you want your employees to abide by within your group practice.


Collect data around as many processes as possible, i.e.: referrals, reasons behind not rescheduling, etc. This will inform your decisions around possible changes to make to improve your practice.


An electronic health record system is a very beneficial and efficient addition to a group practice. TheraNest is a great example of this. Be sure to check out the 21-day free trial! TheraNest means you and your clinicians can do your own billing.


Figure out a clear, efficient way to manage schedules. Try to ensure that your office space is being used from 8am to 5pm every day of the week. You can also use TheraNest to do this.

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Meet Alison Pidgeon

unnamed-300x200Alison is a licensed professional counselor in the state of Pennsylvania. In 18 months she went from starting a solo private practice to building a insurance-based group practice. She now employs 3 clinicians and a virtual assistant. In her spare time she is often seen running after her two small children and her therapy is cooking.

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