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Ada Pang

Ada Pang is a LMFT and the proud owner of People Bloom Counseling, a Redmond counseling practice in WA. She helps distressed couples and breast cancer patients. When she’s not meeting with clients, she loves working on her business.


Green Tea Latté + Mason Jar = Lessons Learned from Private Practice 

The Power of Networking Tips to Stay Supportive 

When Your Partner is in a Start-Up Practice


Alison Pidgeon

Alison Pidgeon is a licensed professional counselor in the state of Pennsylvania. In 18 months she went from starting a solo private practice to building a insurance-based group practice. She now employs 3 clinicians and a virtual assistant. In her spare time she is often seen running after her two small children and her therapy is cooking.


How Do I Fill Out An Insurance Claim Form? 

Should I Have a Self-Pay or Insurance-Based Private Practice? 

How Do I Get Off Of a Bad Insurance Panel and Bill “Out of Network?” 


Gordon Brewer

Gordon Brewer is a licensed marital and family therapist in private practice located in Kingsport, TN. He is the owner/president of his group practice Kingsport Counseling Associates, PLLC (www.kingsportcounseling.com). Gordon has been in practice for over 10 years and is also a private practice consultant. His blog and consulting website is www.practiceoftherapy.com.


The Forrest Gump Mindset For Private Practice

Solo Private Practice; Maybe Not For Everyone

Human BEing Vs. Human DOing


Jeff Guenther

Jeff Guenther, LPC, is a therapist in Portland, OR. He has been in private practice since 2005 and currently leads workshops on how health and wellness practitioners can build their digital brand and attract more clients online.


Why Search Engine Optimization Is Crucial For Your Practice




Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor, LCSW, RPT is an experienced child and family therapist and public speaker who specializes in trauma, ADHD, and conduct problems. Discover more about her diverse clinical background and family. Reach out to Jennifer with questions or comments by emailing at info@jentaylorplaytherapy.com


Play Therapy As a Private Practice Niche

Handling No-Show Fees In A Play Therapy Practice

Balancing Motherhood and A Play Therapy Practice

The Truth About Social Work Licensure and Out of State Reciprocity

What The Election Taught Me About Private Practice

New Year’s Resolutions: Private Practice Edition

Group Practice Vs. Solo Private Practice? Which Is Right for You?

The Secret About Your Ideal Caseload


Jeremy Sharp

Dr. Jeremy Sharp is a licensed psychologist and clinical director at the Colorado Center for Assessment & Counseling. He also offers consulting services for mental health practitioners who want to develop or grow psychological assessment services in their practices via the Testing Psychologist (www.thetestingpsychologist.com).


Three Reasons You Never Want a Waitlist In Your Practice



Julia Smith

Julia Smith, BA, MEd, CCC, is the owner of Insight Mental Health Counselling in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia. She specializes in helping teenagers stop depression from affecting their lives.


Should I Or Shouldn’t I Build My Own Website?

The Game Changer: Harnessing Your Hormone Cycle in Private Practice

Getting In The Mood… To Blog

Why Are Clients Not Coming Back? (And How To Keep Them)

Five Things I’ve Learned In My First Month Of Private Practice

Five Things I’ve Learned In My Second Month Of Private Practice

Five Things I’ve Learned In My Third Month Of Private Practice

Five Things I’ve Learned In My Fourth Month Of Private Practice


Margie Wheelhouse

Margie Wheelhouse is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Springfield, Illinois.  She helps couples build great relationships and repair broken ones.  She was a huge liability on her softball team back in the day, but she hung with it for the pizza and beer afterward.


Saying No To “Do It Yourself”

Is Lack of Confidence Stealing Your Success?




Melinda Vesely

Melinda Vesely, LCPC, CADC, Owner of Empowering Minds counseling. http://empoweringmindscounseling.com/


The Fear Of Starting a Private Practice

Do I Really Need To Identify My “Ideal Client”??

Benefits Of Being a 1099


Melissa Leedy

Dr. Melissa Leedy is a clinical psychologist in Broken Arrow, OK. She specializes in helping adults adjust to chronic illnesses and overcome insomnia. She is the owner and operator of Legacy Counseling Service. She opened her doors in January 2016 as a solo practice and at the time of this publication (June 2017) has three additional clinicians working at Legacy. You can contact her through her website at www.legacycounselingservice.com


14-Year Vision Creation to Being a Therapist in Private Practice

What I Learned About Private Practice Development from being a Mary Kay Consultant

4 Tips To Manage The Uncertainty of Starting a Counseling Business


Sara Dungan

Sara Dungan, MEd, ALC, NCC, MFTA, Certified Parenting Coordinator, Divorce and Family Mediator (Domestic Violence Trained) has her private practice called Sparrow Counseling in Birmingham, AL. She specializes in Parenting Coordination, Co-Parenting Counseling and Divorce and Family Mediation.  Her passion is helping parents learn how to become successful coparents, so their children can thrive after their divorce.  Contact Sara at sara@sparrowcounsel.com. Sara is an Associate Licensed Counselor (ALC) and an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist under the supervision of H. Hobart (Bart) Grooms, M. Div, MEd, LPC-S, LMFT-S, Supervising Counselor.


Uncomfortable Conversations: Talking To Your Teenage Daughter About Sex

5 Key Strategies For a Single Mom To Grow a Successful Private Practice

How Divorce Mediation Training Helped My Co-parenting Counseling

11 Reasons Why Your Divorce Needs a Parenting Coordinator

What is a Parenting Coordinator?

7 Ways To Help Your Children Grieve Your Divorce


Tara Murphy

Tara Murphy is a licensed professional counselor, licensed alcohol and drug counselor and certified yoga teacher. She has worked in behavioral health for over 16 years and currently has a private practice in West Hartford, CT. Her writing has been featured in Wallingford Connecticut Magazine, Natural Awakenings, and she is a contributing writer on practiceofthepractice.com, TODAY Parenting Team ǀ today.com, psychcentral.com and she is a regular contributing guest on Radio 103.5FM WNHH “The Culture Cocktail Hour”. Having learned from personal experience she is passionate about helping women heal from the past and embrace their future.


How to Work Through the Fear of Starting a Private Practice

Swearing, Cursing, Cussing, Profanity: Is It Ok To Swear With Your Clients In Therapy?

7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Private Practice

10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Biller In Private Practice

Using Mindful Self-Compassion For Support When Starting a Private Practice

Top 5 Reasons To Blog In Private Practice

7 Reasons To Podcast In Private Practice

Are You Feeling Stressed in Private Practice? 3 On the Spot Tips to Help

Planning The Interior Design And Décor For Your Private Practice


Our Guest Contributors


Melissa DaSilva

Melissa DaSilva, LICSW is a licensed therapist in private practice located in Providence, RI. She is the owner/president of her group practice East Coast Mental Wellness. Melissa has been a therapist for over 10 years, is an advocate for LGBT rights and public speaker.


Are You Breaking Up with Me?


Moira Howard

Moira Howard is a Licensed Mental Health Therapist in Private Practice in Palm Beach County Florida. Moira assists clients in developing coping skills, which includes increasing their capacity for emotional regulation and self-acceptance. Moira is EMDR trained and a yoga teacher. Moira provides therapy to adults in her Private Practice and can be reached via email at MoiraHowardLMHC@gmail.com or her website at www.Counselingpalmbeach.com.


How Yoga Expanded My Practice and My Mind



Nazanin Moali

Dr. Nazanin Moali is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in the treatment of eating disorders and addictions. Dr. Moali provides treatment to adolescents and adults in her private practice in Torrance (South Bay Area of Los Angeles County) and also online, depending on her clients’ needs and locations. She lives in Rancho Palos Verdes with her family.


Three Marketing Tips I Learned from Comic-Con International



Syrenna Kononovitch

Syrenna Kononovitch is a certified school counselor in New Jersey and the editor of OnlineCounselingPrograms.com – offering individuals interested in the field of counseling, supportive resources on counselor education, career pathways, and mental health advocacy.


Counseling Profession Pathways