Podcast 92: Reforming adoption and foster care, an interview with Drew and Emily Hale

Drew and Emily with their three beautiful kids!

For Emily and Drew Hale foster care and adoption is at the center of their relationship.

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PoP Culture meet Drew and Emily Hale

Drew and Emily with their three beautiful kids!

Drew and Emily with their three beautiful kids!


Drew and Emily Hale made Traverse City, MI their home in 2008, where they are raising 3 amazing little boys that they adopted out of foster care.

They share a passion for creating community, fostering those in need of love and stability, and raising awareness about the great need for licensed foster homes in Michigan and throughout the country.

It is their firm belief that adoption is not merely a solution for a childless parent, but a solution for parent-less children, thousands of which are waiting for a home. 


What you’ll discover in this private practice podcast:

6:14 What someone said about he podcast

13:13 What was “mind blowing” for Drew

21:15 How to change the mindset of adoption

26:55 What Drew and Emily are planning

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