PoP 128 | How to Have Less Stress in Business an interview with Jamie Sussel Turner

How to manage employees and contractors without losing your mind. Today’s podcast is all about advanced techniques for managing teams, getting teams to thrive, and focusing on having a business with less stress!

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PoP Culture Meet Jamie Sussel-Turner

Jamie Turner 2015.SueJamie Sussel Turner, M.Ed, PCC, is an author, speaker, and professional coach. She works with leaders and individuals who are stressed and want to achieve more. She helps them become clear and confident leaders who build dedicated teams so their businesses are more successful and they have more of a life. Her client list includes a wide range of leaders in a variety of fields including; insurance, real estate, healthcare, wellness, hospitality, and education. Jamie is passionate about helping her clients build a strong foundation of vision, mission, and core values.

Jamie’s coaching is results-oriented, deeply thoughtful, provocative, and proven to reduce her clients’ stress by up to 75 percent. Her book, Less Stress Business: A Guide for Hiring, Coaching, and Leading Great Employees is the culmination of the strategies and mind-altering thinking that has helped her clients gain access to a new way of being and leading so they can create the businesses and lives of their dreams.

Jamie served in educational leadership positions for twenty years, the last twelve as a school principal. It was in that position that she recognized how the stress of her job was interfering with her ability to help her school community reach their goals. Her journey to coaching was sparked during a first-time meeting with a neighbor during a New Jersey beach clean-up in 2002.

When she asked, “What do you do?” and the neighbor replied, “I’m a coach,” the light bulbs started flashing in Jamie’s mind with immediate recognition that coaching would be her post-education career shift. Jamie launched her coaching business in 2009. She serves on the executive board and professional development committee of ICF-NJ (International Coach Federation of New Jersey).

Jamie has earned dual masters degrees in educational leadership and elementary education, and her leadership approach has been featured in professional journals and newspaper articles including The New York Times.

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