PoP 230 | 17.76 Ideas To Grow Independence In Private Practice

How To Build Independence In Counselors At Your Practice

In this episode, Joe talks about ideas to grow independence in private practice.

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Happy 4th of July! Today we take at a look at what it means to be ‘independent’ as well as how to encourage independence among your counselors and within yourself! We’ve included 17.76 tips to help you achieve autonomy in your practice and in your own life.

Definition Of Independence

Independence means freedom from control / influence.

‘In’: By weight (origins of British Pound)

‘Dependeré’: To hang from

Interchanged with ‘self-dom’ / ‘privilege’ / ‘self-law’.

How To Build Independence In Counselors At Your Practice

  1. Ensure you give 1099s a significant amount of independence, i.e.: with scheduling / dress, etc.
  2. Consider allowing them to make the choices regarding the furniture of their office.
  3. Let them share what works in meetings.
  4. Run a competition, i.e.: give each clinician $50 to get more referrals for the practice. Have prize for winner.
  5. Ask their opinions through a survey.
  6. Manage your own office schedules.
  7. Encourage them to network.
  8. Build skills by taking them with you, i.e.: to radio interviews, etc.
  9. Recommend that they do peer-to-peer / case consultation.

How To Build Independence In Yourself

  1. Have clear boundaries on your schedule, i.e.: balance between work and family / personal life.
  2. Leave boring meetings.
  3. Stop working in the evenings.
  4. Get financially fit.
  5. Get off of bad insurances.
  6. Work virtually / from home every now and then.
  7. Take an extra day off.
  8. Schedule time to dream.
  9. Plan something big and stretch yourself!

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