PoP 237 | Perry Rosenbloom Wants to Know How to Go Private Pay

How to go private pay in private practice

In this episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Perry Rosenbloom, from Brighter Vision, in a reverse podcast about how to go private pay.

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Confused by all the advice on starting a private practice? I’d love to help. I put together a checklist of the top 28 things to do to launch a private practice.

In This Podcast


I chat to Perry Rosenbloom, from Brighter Vision, about going private pay in private practice. This includes my experience with insurance panels and my decision to go private pay. I also speak about how to chat to clients about this as well as how to market your private pay private practice.

Issues With Insurance

My issues with insurance panels was as follows:

  • Spending time acquiring clients only to find you don’t work with their insurance
  • Deciding which insurance panels to sign up with in your area
  • Amount of time spent dealing with insurance panels / doing the paperwork etc.

Benefits Of Private Pay

You can use the fact that your private practice is ‘over the top’ confidential as a selling point. The information cannot get hacked because it is safeguarded as paperwork in a cabinet.

When selling your private practice, you need to believe in your work. Speak to why your expertise are different. Your passion will come out when marketing your practice.

How To Market Your Private Pay Private Practice

  • Create a business avator
  • Identify pains of that avatar as well as outcomes
  • Who is your avatar connected to?

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