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S. Frances Robbins Joined the Air Force

In this episode, Joe Sanok speaks with S. Frances Robbins on how to she joined the air force at age 42.

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Meet S. Frances Robbins

As a 10 year veteran of the United States Air Force, I am now beginning a private online therapy practice.
Reaching out to a global community needing private advisement via on-line secure, private therapy. Straight talk from me to you.

S. Frances Robbins’ Story

After her kids went off to college, Frances decided to join the air force at 42. She has now been there for 10 years. She has worked as the Launch and Recovery Nurse on the front line.

“It’s been an interesting and rewarding time.”

Frances then realized, however, that the military life was not the type of life she wanted. She found it to be very taxing on her personal and relational life. She ended up doing things that she would tell her clients were unhealthy. So, she decided to leave the military and then connected with Joe.

At this stage, Frances asked herself what she wanted her future self to look like. She realized that she wanted to prioritize time and mobility. Eventually, she hopes to go into group practice and help with medication management.

In This Podcast


S. Frances Robbins takes us through her journey of joining the air force at age 42, spending ten years working for the military, and then deciding to build an online private practice. She is a qualified nurse and has written a book on how to improve sleep / overcome insomnia. She provides tips and advice on how to improve sleep hygiene along with how she went about setting up her online practice.

S. Frances Robbins’ Therapy

A lot of ex military members complain about sleep / insomnia. Other clients come in with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Some clients are able to go back to duty, but a lot of people in the military fear going for therapy incase their medical records will result in them not being able to report back for duty.

Top Six Methods To Improve Sleep Hygiene

In an attempt to improve a client’s sleep, enquire about their sleeping habits. These could include:

  1. Using alcohol to fall asleep
  2. Computer exposure
  3. Not a dark enough room
  4. Not going to sleep clean
  5. Where their head is, i.e.: thought patterns etc.
  6. Not having a regular bedtime / wake up time

Lack of sleep leads to being irritable / anxious / having poor concentration / second-guessing yourself / and having no coordination.

“Sleep is foundational to our life. And when you don’t get enough sleep, things will start altering.”

Building Blocks To Having An Online Practice

  • Look at people who are doing it already
  • Go through your licensing board
  • Make sure the platforms you are using are HIPPA compliant, i.e.:
    • Zoom
    • Vsee

5 Ways To Launch / Market An Online Practice

  1. Figure out your ideal client and structure website / marketing around that person
  2. Identify where your ideal clients are located, i.e.: LinkedIn
  3. Network with your ideal client
  4. Get a consultant
  5. Start blogging
    • Write about what you know

Useful Links:

  • Frances’ book:

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