slow down to spark creativity

What we're doing

We've created a conference where introverts can get energized and overachieving extroverts can learn to slow down. 

  • DAY 1 | PURGE: Purge yourself of technology and your "to do" list and slow down. Sit by a campfire, doodle, color, walk in nature, and create the soil for creativity. Then watch the sparks of innovation happen.
  • Day 2 | PRACTICE: Yoga, massage, hiking, and mindfulness. Walk through practices that will help you get centered, relax, and foster innovation. 
  • Day 3 | SPARK: Activities, teaching, and brainstorming to spark creativity, innovation, and focused action. Discover the seven Practice of the Practice to create habits of slowing down, sparking, and creation. 
  • Imagine a place where fast-paced entrepreneurs and counselors could be given permission and direction to slow down to spark new ideas and introverts can recharge!

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