But instead of changing the world, we help a handful of clients. That's great, but what if the big ideas inside of you came out and they worked? 

  •  What if you couldn't fail?
  •  What if the fastest way to grow, was to slow down? 
  •  What if the world could have a bigger impact from you if you had a clear way of setting, achieving, and outsourcing goals?

If you were able to slow down, work less, make more, and go after your huge ideas, how would your life, family, and community be different?

This is a movement to grow bigger ideas to change the face of counseling to make an impact on the world!

And you can be at the center of this movement of counselors!

When you are in your sessions, are you the healthiest one in the room? Is your business organized and stress-free? Do you have a formula to plan, achieve and outsource your goals? 

You may be making enough money to give yourself a job, but are you thinking like a CEO so that you can scale your business and maybe even remove yourself from it? 

Or are you:

  •  Burning the candle at both ends, and there's no plan for this to change?
  •  An introvert that is headed for burn out soon?
  •  An extrovert that doesn't set boundaries?
  •  Stressed and frustrated that you are such an awesome clinician, yet, your business doesn't grow and reflect that?

In this three-part video series, you will discover:

  • Why slowing down is actually the key to sparking new ideas and leveling up!
  • The three phases of slowing down and the exact 7 step process to plan, achieve, and outsource any goal.
  • How to work less, make more and be confident that you are running your business in a way that will increase your income, influence, and impact on the world!

Here's what you get from these three FREE videos!


VIDEO 1 | Slow Down + Spark

In Video 1, you will discover why slowing down is essential to growing a business, finding great ideas, and sparking innovation.

VIDEO 2 | Slow Down + Innovate

In Video 2, you will discover the three phases of slowing down. How to plan, achieve and outsource innovative ideas to grow your business. You'll learn why after slowing down, sparks of ideas come and what to do to level up.

VIDEO 3 | Slow Down + School

In Video 3, you will discover the one clear action you can take to learn to slow down to spark innovation. You'll understand exactly why today is the moment to create change to move the needle forward.

This is my gift to you!