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18 Practical Tips for Rocking Out Private Practice in 2018

Do you have your goals for 2018, for your private practice, set up already? Do you know how you plan on growing and improving your practice year? And are you aware of ways to streamline your practice and earn extra income?

In this episode, Joe Sanok speaks about 18 practical tips for rocking out private practice in 2018.

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In This Podcast


As we kick off 2018, what better way to begin than to go through 18 tips to make sure you rock out your practice this year! Everything from setting goals to making your practice more efficient through the use of technology is included in this comprehensive list.

18 Tips for Your Private Practice in 2018

  1. Set one big goal
  2. Schedule one hour a week to work on your big goal
  3. Launch a blog series
  4. Send three networking emails per week
  5. Ask yourself “why am I doing this?”
  6. Get support
  7. Slow down!
  8. Block out some personal development / fun time
  9. Raise your rates – when you’re 70% full, raise your rates for new people
  10. Look at additional streams of income
  11. Listen to a non-clinical, new podcast
  12. Upgrade your office experience
  13. Create at least one new system every quarter / year (automate something with technology)
  14. Outsource something small
  15. Get efficient on how you schedule your sessions
  16. Limit your calls and emails more
  17. Think bigger!
  18. Let me know how it’s going

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