3 Simple Steps to Wake Up Excited & Thrive as a Peak Performer with Sabrina Runbeck | PoP 487

3 Simple Steps to Wake Up Excited and Thrive as a Peak Performer with Sabrina Runbeck | PoP 487

Are you curious about how to revitalize your energy throughout a busy day? How do you maintain consistency when the to-do list runs long? How can one change your mindset from anxious to excited?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Sabrina Runbeck about 3 simple steps to wake up excited and thrive as a peak performer.

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Meet Sabrina Runbeck

Sabrina Runbeck is a Cardiothoracic Surgery PA, a Public Health Practitioner, and a Peak Performance Coach/Speaker empowering ambitious young professionals, especially those who are like her working in healthcare, to become confident leaders who are living fulfilled and purposefully so they can be BOTH – powerhouses in their career and passionate people in life again without feeling overwhelmed, underappreciated, or undervalued.

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In This Podcast


  • 3 steps and advice
  • Advice for private practitioners

3 steps and advice

How can we fall back in love with our careers again, so that we can truly wake up excited while rising up as the confident leaders that we are?

1. In a stressful moment, what can one do?

Try to recognize in moments of frustration that simply because if something does not work out, it does not mean that it was your fault. People get into this field because they want to create something great in serving other people.

However, the more that you wish to succeed in this, the more weight you start putting on yourself in order to achieve these goals. This may turn into resentment if you feel that you are not getting recognition and therefore hinders your ability to provide your services.

At the end of the day, accepting each step that you took is an act of gratitude towards yourself. Focus on what you have accomplished instead of everything else you still want to do. Try not to attach your identity and self-worth to the next degree, or the next promotion because this will set you on a sprint that you could never stop from. Focus on the steps you took at the end of each day to show yourself that recognition too.

2. What changes in the body when we break free of the anxiousness?

People ask me all the time about productivity but then I have to disappoint them. I say ‘you know, it’s not about productivity, it’s about how you can regenerate energy’. Because without the right energy, productivity doesn’t mean anything.

Put a stop to the frustration and stress, take a moment to cut yourself a path to follow by figuring out, as best you can, what you want out of life.  Many people do not recognize their own abilities and positive qualities and so they are constantly comparing themselves to others, which is as exhausting as is it unhelpful to you.

Ask yourself what your passions and goals are, pick your top 3. Return to these when you are feeling self-doubt in order to remind you of why you chose this path. Returning to these main goals will help to clear your mind from the mental chatter, put a stop to the comparison, and will refocus your energy on why you are here, and on why you love doing what you are doing.

  • Taking moments to clear the mental chatter will let your body realign itself along with your mind.
  • Combining techniques like meditation, visualization and breathwork are small changes that have positive physiological responses in the body.

Some people are unsure about these techniques because they are not used to them so they feel that they do not work, but like any activity, it takes practice and repetition to start appreciating the positive changes and effects. These techniques are like mini-mental vacations, and with these techniques, you can take as many vacations as you need throughout the day.

3. Ways of seeing a transformation

Each person has different performance peak times. Understanding which time during the day you are most productive or starting to slow down will allow you to properly plan out your day.

Recognize the power of saying ‘no’, because it will enable you to say “heck yes” to the exciting things that you really have an interest in.
Utilizing the above techniques will help you to totally redirect your day when you feel that you are sinking into a headspace that is unproductive, or unhelpful to you.

Advice for private practitioners

Take a moment to think back on your initial excitement and joy at being accepted into medical school to study. See if you can reimplement that joy into your day-to-day career.

Become clear on who you are doing this work for; for yourself, your family, your loved ones, and your community. Being clear on who and why you do this work for will mean that you do not have to rely on willpower – because remembering your how and why during times of stress will motivate you to keep going, enabling you to achieve true momentum.

Want to stay energized and focused even if your day is filled with patients and your schedule is crazy? Do this free audio exercise: www.sabrinarunbeck.com/energy

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