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On this therapist podcast, Ashley Mielke talks about 5 Keys to Growing Your Heart-Centred Group Practice

Do you want to create a heart-centered practice? Are you clear on your purpose? How can you tell whether a decision is the right one for your business?

In this podcast takeover episode, Ashley Mielke speaks about the 5 Keys to growing your heart-centered group practice.

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Meet Ashley Mielke

A photo of Ashley Mielke is captured. She is a Registered Psychologist, Founder and CEO of a large group private practice in Alberta, Canada called The Grief and Trauma Healing Centre Inc. She is featured on the Practice of the Practice, a therapist podcast.

Ashley Mielke is a Registered Psychologist, Founder, and CEO of a large group private practice in Alberta, Canada called The Grief and Trauma Healing Centre Inc. She is passionate about supporting heart-centered practice owners in starting, growing, and scaling their businesses.

Ashley was called to start her company after the tragic death of her father by suicide in 2010. It was the purpose she found through her healing that inspired the ‘WHY’ that drives her 7-figure company today. It brings Ashley great joy to support other heart-centered leaders in building successful practices that are aligned with both their business goals and their deepest calling.

Visit The Grief and Trauma Healing Centre and connect with them on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Connect with Ashley Mielke on Instagram and LinkedIn.


In This Podcast

  1. Get clear on your why
  2. Become comfortable with discomfort
  3. Marketing!
  4. Take small and consistent steps
  5. Prioritize your emotional and spiritual health along the way

1. Get clear on your why

What drives you every single day to wake up and work on your business, and grow your group practice? What is it? (Ashley Mielke)

The “why” and the purpose behind you doing this work is the foundation that you can lean on during the difficult phases of entrepreneurship.

There will be tough times, and there will be challenges to overcome. Your purpose will help you, your team, and your practice overcome trying times and remain resilient in the face of adversity.

2. Become comfortable with discomfort

Entrepreneurship can be difficult, lonely, and even scary at times. However, do not let yourself be dissuaded from pursuing your goals just because something is uncomfortable.

There is often a lot of growth, expansion, and success on the other side of discomfort because it requires you to extend yourself in new ways.

I’ve learned to become comfortable in that state of discomfort and letting go of the need to know the outcome [and] trusting that whatever decision I am making, so long as it is aligned with my values, our vision and mission, and we are taking calculated risks, then what have we got to lose? (Ashley Mielke)

3. Marketing!

Marketing is key to your visibility and growth. People need to know who you are, how to find you, and what makes you stand out in your field.

What is it about what your company offers that makes you unique? Why should a client work with you as opposed to the team down the street?

We have to spend money, and we have to be willing to invest resources, time, money, and effort into building our marketing strategy and into growing. (Ashley Mielke)

Many practice owners feel nervous about investing money into their marketing. But, if done well, it can have a huge return and can help to skyrocket the success of your practice.

  • Have a strong social media presence on one or two social media platforms
  • Have free live streams or webinars on either Facebook or Instagram with someone from your team
  • Host free talks in your community
  • Connect with other wellness providers to work with your practice
  • Look at different handouts you can create and give to new or prospective clients

4. Take small and consistent steps

Take small and consistent steps because they lead to stunning results.

You do not have to make a huge change overnight and that may not work so well either.

Whether it is in your marketing, your client relations, or creating new services, take small and consistent steps.

Trust your intuition and make choices that resonate with the highest version of yourself, and that is in alignment with your goals and aspirations.

If the decision feels forced, coerced, or manipulated, it is not for you … we should feel [at] peace about our decisions. (Ashley Mielke)

You may feel scared at not knowing the outcome, or feel uncomfortable with the new growth, but that is different from a decision feeling forced or unwise.

You will still feel a sense of peace about the right decision – even if it is scary – if it is the right one to make.

5. Prioritize your emotional and spiritual health along the way

Look at your morning routine. Can you create a habit or habitual ritual that you follow each day to help you get started feeling secure, prepared, and calm?

Care for your mental, spiritual, and physical health. The work that you do when you are feeling aligned with yourself is often the best quality.

Find a hobby or a sport that you can do outside of work that can give you some childlike fun and freedom in your life.

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Meet Joe Sanok

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Joe Sanok helps counselors to create thriving practices that are the envy of other counselors. He has helped counselors to grow their businesses by 50-500% and is proud of all the private practice owners that are growing their income, influence, and impact on the world. Click here to explore consulting with Joe.

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