5 Tips on How to Improve Communication with Your Designer | MP 32

5 Tips on How to Improve Communication with Your Designer | MP 32

As a marketer, how can you communicate your ideas to your designer?  As a designer, how can you communicate your needs to the marketer?  How can you make the process more mutually beneficial?

In this podcast episode, Sam Carvalho shares 5 tips on how to improve communication with your designer.

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  • Mutual Respect
  • Do Research Beforehand into What You Want
  • Create a Clear Process
  • Be Detailed With Your Feedback
  • Communicate

1. Mutual Respect

Work on mastering the art of giving and receiving constructive criticism.

  • Work with your designer in such a way that you allow them to utilize their knowledge and skills rather than order them to do what you want them to do.
  • You may realize that despite your ideas, their understanding of what you need might actually be the one you’ll like in the end.

2. Do Research Beforehand into What You Want

  • You may approach the designer without any idea what you really want. But it would be best and be easier for designers to understand your ideas if you provide samples.
  • If you can’t show them anything, a good designer will be ready with samples to help you grasp what you’ll possibly like
  • Designers would need all the pertinent information about the project during the initial meeting to determine the styles, quote, timelines, deadline, and other relevant points so some might send a questionnaire asking about the certain details and your ideas.

3. Create a Clear Process

  • The designer should create a timeline and document of all the necessary steps and explain why certain steps take a lot of time and money.
  • Discuss the deadline and all the other details so you can agree with them and make the necessary adjustments.
  • In bigger companies, project management becomes the intermediary between the marketer and designer.

4. Be Detailed With Your Feedback

  • Be very clear with the feedback and not be vague about it so that the designer will understand what you want. Elaborate on your comments and be specific, so that it’s easier for the designer to implement.
  • For comments that are vague because you’re not sure exactly what you want, give yourself a bit more time to analyze what you really mean so you that can verbalize it to the designer clearly.
  • Ask the designer questions and clarify the details you don’t understand because they may have a reason for it. Designers normally have reasons why they made these decisions so it’s better to be able to ask them about it.

5. Communicate

Leave the lines of communication open and make them feel that their opinions matter and that you are working together as a team.

  • The initial interaction between you and your designer sets the stage for how you communicate with each other during the entire project.

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Meet Sam Carvalho

Samantha Carvalho DesignSam Carvalho is a graphic designer living in Cape Town, South Africa, with over five years of experience in both design and marketing, with a special interest and experience in the start-up environment.

She has been working with Practice of the Practice since 2016 and has helped over 70 therapist entrepreneurs take their practices to the next level by enhancing their visual branding. She loves working with a variety of clients on design-intensive tasks and is always up for a challenge!

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