7 Tips for Working with a Virtual Assistant in Private Practice

Delegating tasks is an element of leadership in any industry. When one is in the business world, delegation is especially important for better functionality. Just like it seems ridiculous for one person to play every position on a basketball team, it is impossible to successfully fulfill all roles in a business. Virtual assistants are one way to help you become more successful

What is a virtual assistant?

Virtual assistants are hired to help you in run various functions of your business through the internet. They can help with IT functions, marketing, blogging or encoding through email or online platforms. Ultimately, virtual assistants can save you time and money and help you complete tasks you may not have time for or don’t feel comfortable completing.

Here are some ways to improve your experience with virtual assistants:


  1. Communicate Well

As with any other function or task, good, proper, clear, and concise communication is very important to ensure a smooth-sailing relationship with your virtual assistants. Do not make your assistant guess what you want them to do. Communicate what, when, and how to complete a task so that your assistant does not have to ask you multiple questions and take up more time. A gap in communication can cost a great difference in quality and output as well.


  1. Set Clear Goals

As mentioned before, set clear goals and expectations for every work assignment so that your virtual assistant can have a clear and concise view of what you are expecting them to do. Setting clear goals can also clear doubts on the assistant’s end since he or she knows what is expected of the work. Set a clear deadline and how the work should be sent, especially if your virtual assistant is working on blogs and articles.


  1. Trust

Working with a virtual assistant can be very difficult for many people since they can’t see the assistant working on the project. Some people become worried that their assistant may not be able to work properly or on time. They become afraid that the finished output will not be what they want and how they want it. This can result in constantly asking assistants for updates and progress reports. Guidance in tasks is very important, but constant, needless reminders may be annoying and cause your virtual assistants to lose confidence in their work. You hired them because they have the right skills and qualifications for the job so be sure to let go and trust them. You can always give evaluations of their output so that they can improve and do better the next time around.

  1. Positive Reinforcements

Many people are great at pointing out negatives, but fail to notice all the good points of a project. This may be because they want their assistants to know what they should improve next time, however, you should also point out good elements so your virtual assistant knows what to continue doing and to improve their confidence. Positively reinforce your assistant so they feel motivated to do the next project well as solely pointing out negatives may cause your assistant to lose focus and dedication to their work.


  1. Respect

Remember to treat your assistant as your partner and not your subordinate. Your assistant is there to work professionally to help you, not cater to your whims and wishes.


  1. Timely Payments

Monetary rewards also work as a form of positive reinforcement. The tasks you give a virtual assistant might just be a small part of what you do, but to your assistants, it is their job and what provides for their daily needs. Always pay on time and based on what was discussed beforehand. If there is a delay, inform your virtual assistant and set expectations for a delivery date. Do not keep your employee waiting.


  1. Maintain a Good Relationship

When there are things that you are not comfortable or satisfied with, tell your assistant about it right away. If you ever need to terminate the professional relationship, you should make sure to still leave a positive impression.


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