Adrienne Visser on How to Write Copy that Converts | MP 53

Do you wrestle with writing copy? What are some professional copywriting tips on writing blog posts and emails? How can you use AB testing to evaluate the strength of your emails?

In this podcast episode, Sam Carvalho speaks with Adrienne Visser about how to write copy that converts.

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Meet Adrienne Visser

Adrienne Visser is new to the Practice of the Practice team, but not new to copywriting. She has spent her career up until now as a conceptual copywriter at one of the top advertising agencies in Africa, working on brands like Netflix, Becks and leading insurance and financial groups.

While Practice of the Practice certainly is different, the copywriting basics remain the same. She is able to turn your practice’s expertise and jargon into effective messaging, create strong call to actions, and find ways to convert your ideal clients into consultations booked.

Check out a list of Adrienne’s services here or get in touch with Adrienne at

In This Podcast


  • Tips on writing blog posts
  • How to write web copy
  • Tips on email writing

Tips on writing blogposts

  • As a therapist, it is natural to want to show off your expertise to your potential clients in your writing, however, the person who is reading them is just your average Joe mostly, therefore it is important to write simply, clearly, and without too much jargon.
  • Use direct language instead of passive. This will help your message come across clearly and without the frills.
  • Keep your blog posts within a maximum count of 500 words.
  • Each blogpost should be centered around one idea to minimize confusion and to keep the information contained, concise, and easier to follow.
  • Consider what your audience is Googling because you would want your blog post to answer questions.

You don’t want to speak to everyone because no one’s going to listen so you need to speak to that one client of yours or that one target audience and speak in a way that they will relate to you. (Adrienne Visser)

  • Type everything out and then go back to edit. You do not have to be super creative and flashy.
  • For both SEO strength and the preference of people reading online, try workaround lists in your blog posts.

How to write web copy

You do want to talk about your credentials and your expertise and what you specialized in but here again, just like in the blog posts, it gets bogged down in jargon, and yes talk about yourself but in actual fact talk more about the target audience and your ideal client. (Adrienne Visser)

  • On your home page, you can post questions in your opening paragraph to attract attention and potentially mimic a question that a potential client who visits your page might have.
  • Keep the sentences short, direct, and punchy.
  • Use your human insight and direct it more towards your ideal client than keeping the copy about yourself.
  • Consider the platform through which your client is viewing your website. Nowadays it is generally through a smartphone where a simple paragraph can seem like an essay.
  • Keep it familiar and easy to navigate. When you are creating different dropdown tabs, keep it under the general wording of ‘about me’, ‘services’, ‘contact us’, and so forth instead of getting carried away creatively and leaving your client in the dust trying to find out where you are based.
  • Have a clear, easy-to-spot call to action and hyperlink things to make it easy for clients to contact you.
  • Have distinct pages for each service you offer clients. This will boost SEO proficiency as well as keeping everything simple and distinguishable for your clients.
  • Consider revamping the copy on your website once a year.

Tips on email writing

If you are creating email lists, they need to have a purpose. Don’t just create content for the sake of creating content … unless you are growing your practice, you want to get people to sign up for a course or if you are offering something then yes, have an email series, but don’t have it because you feel you need to. (Adrienne Visser)

  • Keep each email short. The emails that have the best response rate have a word limit between 75 and 120 words, although this is not a necessity still try to get to and keep to the point in your emails.
  • Make use of headings and subheadings to highlight the important bits in the email or the email’s call to action.
  • On a creative note, you can get playful with your subject line to draw attention to your email.

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Meet Sam Carvalho

Samantha Carvalho DesignSam Carvalho is a graphic designer living in Cape Town, South Africa, with over five years of experience in both design and marketing, with a special interest and experience in the start-up environment.

She has been working with Practice of the Practice since 2016 and has helped over 70 therapist entrepreneurs take their practices to the next level by enhancing their visual branding. She loves working with a variety of clients on design-intensive tasks and is always up for a challenge!

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