Andréa Jones on Growing your Social Media Following | PoP 476

Andréa Jones on Growing your Social Media Following | PoP 476

Do you practice mindfulness when it comes to social media? How can you automate and grow your social media while maintaining a personal touch? What should you do to jumpstart your marketing message?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks to Andréa Jones about simple social media solutions to build your business’ online community.

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Meet Andréa Jones

Andréa JonesAndréa Jones is fiercely committed to helping businesses and podcasters build profitable online communities through simple social media solutions.

She’s the host of the Savvy Social Podcast, creator of the Savvy Social School, and named one of Social Report’s top marketers to follow.

Visit her website, connect on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and Facebook.

Visit the Savvy Social School here.

Listen to the podcast here.

In This Podcast


  • Andréa’s backstory
  • Setting boundaries and practicing mindfulness when it comes to social media
  • Tools for automating social media while maintaining a personal touch
  • The Five Pillars of Social Media Content
  • Jumpstarting your marketing message
  • Internal swipe files
  • Adjusting your strategy once the growth has reached a plateau
  • Paid advertising

Andréa’s backstory

Andréa is a huge fan of social media, so much so that she has developed a love for it over the years. Her love for social media also led her to find love with a fellow YouTuber when they collaborated for a video. They connected and kept in touch, despite the distance between him in Toronto, Canada and her in Atlanta, Georgia. She eventually moved to Canada to be with him and went all-in with starting her social media business at the same time.

Setting boundaries and practicing mindfulness when it comes to social media

It’s just like they say, too much of a good thing can be bad. So, while social media is absolutely such a powerful tool and opportunity for connection, too much of it can be bad.

After about two years of social media freelancing, the anxiety from all her clients’ notifications constantly coming through to her phone became too overwhelming. Andréa took a two-week sabbatical for a complete digital-detox and began a journey of mindfulness, meditation, and being intentional about her approach to social media. She was drawn to the mindfulness meditation on the Headspace app with its focus on breath work, which brought a sense of quiet to her busy life.

She found a new approach to social media and found a way to maintain boundaries and eliminate overwhelming notifications without missing the important ones. Andréa suggests choosing five days a week and setting reminders to check your social media once a day on those days – it doesn’t really matter which five days, as long as you give yourself two days off. Having those reminders means you only log on with the intention to be in that space, leaving the rest of the time for you to do your work without distractions. Andréa’s process is as follows:

  1. Check and respond to messages (direct/private, depending on the platform)
  2. Make sure that any scheduled posts posted properly
  3. Take 15 to 20 minutes to network in your community – find new people to follow and connect with and scroll through your feed leaving likes and comments.
    Following this process, especially keeping the last step to only 15 or 20 minutes, has allowed Andréa to find the longevity and joy in social media that she was missing after being so overwhelmed before.

Tools for automating social media while maintaining a personal touch

The best tools to use are those where you can create the content yourself and then select on the tool exactly when you want it to be posted, or to repost content that has already driven a lot of engagement for your page. This maintains the personal touch of you selecting the graphic/image/flyer/video and writing up the caption, but allows you to sit down when you have the time and schedule the post for another time that works better for you. Andréa suggests these tools:

  • Later – this is a great, free tool to schedule Instagram posts in particular
  • MeetEdgar – you can automate “evergreen” content to be shared multiple times, for example, a post that always has a high engagement and can be reshared a few times without being too repetitive.
  • Smarter Queue

The Five Pillars of Social Media Content

Andréa elaborates on the five pillars for you to start with when building your social media strategy. Over time, you will figure out which pillar works best for your audience, and then build your page around that type of content.

1. Promotional

These are posts that promote what you do, for example free offers, lead magnets, advertising that you do free consultations, etc.

2. Educational

These types of posts are to position you and your practice/business as an expert in your field. For example, share foundational content such as blogs or podcasts, or simply share knowledge and resources on your page that will help your audience to learn something new from your field.

3. Community

The point of these posts is to highlight things that are happening in your community. If you’re local, you can share relevant events or businesses in your local community. If you are based online, it’s a good idea to share articles or resharing related ideas to your page while contributing your own ideas to those posts.

4. Entertainment

Create posts that entertain your audience, such as memes or funny videos, and perhaps some behind-the-scenes content. Many people log on to social media for the entertainment value of content, so use this to your advantage.

5. Engaging

These are the posts that you create to reach many people and drive engagement to your page. You want to post content that gets your audience to participate in discussions and give real-time feedback through likes/reactions, comments, and shares. Examples of engaging posts that work quite well are multiple-choice questions that encourage your followers to comment on and inspirational posts that encourage your followers to share.

Jumpstarting your marketing message

Andréa recommends that you ask yourself these questions to figure out exactly where to start with your marketing message. She calls them The Three Ws:

1. What do you sell?

Simply put, this is your product or service. For example, consultation services, therapy sessions, or a group program/course.

2. Who is it for?

Be specific about your target market and their psychology. For example, you could say business owners in general, but it is better to specify what stage of business you specialize in i.e. start-ups / small businesses / large corporations.

3. Why does it matter?

This is very important for your marketing message. Andréa recommends that you take the time to sit down, brainstorm, and maybe even journal about why your business matters. Focus on the feelings that people have when they work with you and the transformation between how they feel before hiring you or buying your product and after. You can use testimonials or reviews from past clients to establish these feelings.

Internal swipe files

Swipe files are a collection of phrases and content that can be repeated to build your brand, such as commercial jingles used in mainstream advertising. Andréa explains that having repeated and memorable content is important for social media too because, even though many people feel that you have to share new content the whole time on your social media, you should actually think of social media as a way to amplify that which you have already created. It may also be important for you to reshare content over time because, with so many people sharing so much content on social media, your posts are in the mix with hundreds of thousands of other posts every day and you may have to repeat yourself to be seen by more people.

Adjusting your strategy once the growth has reached a plateau

Once your automations are working and you’re getting great engagement, often the growth of your following will plateau. When this happens, Andréa recommends that you incorporate other marketing tactics into your existing strategy to accelerate growth:

  • Paid advertising
  • Email marketing
  • PR strategies
  • Advanced video strategies such as creating micro-video, easy-to-watch content or going live on social media

Paid advertising

Andréa explains that paid advertising is like adding fuel to the fire, so there must already be some kind of flame burning (i.e. an existing strategy) for it to be effective. Using a speed-dating analogy, the introduction or first impression is important for you to get this stranger to like you very quickly, so they would want to get to know you better. The same applies to paid advertising, which acts as that introduction or first handshake – you want to act quickly but leave a lasting impression so that they will engage with the ad, follow through to wherever the ad leads them, and familiarize themselves with your product or service. Email marketing can also go hand-in-hand with the paid advertising, so your paid ad can link to a sign-up form for an email campaign where, in keeping with the speed-dating analogy, you can ‘woo’ them further.

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