Andy Seeley on changes in Google, Apple, and Facebook | PoP 550

What does it cost you to get a customer? Why is knowing your cost per acquisition and lifetime value is important to scaling your business? How much money are you spending on advertising?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Andy Seeley about changes on Google, Apple, and Facebook.

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Meet Andy Seeley

Andy Seeley is a master in sales and digital marketing, having led a number of companies and clients to achieve success. His work redefines what it means to be a people person, putting the best interests of everyone from individual team members to each client account at the forefront.

Andy’s previous experiences have taken him from the retail spaces to the publishing world. Today, Andy leads a team of digital marketing mavens as the CEO and Co-Founder of Creatively Disruptive. In addition to his role as CEO, Andy also actively mentors other business owners and offering timely tips and tricks in Facebook Advertising

Originally from Hamilton, New Zealand, he currently resides in Surprise, Arizona. Outside of the office, Andy can be found listening to YouTube videos while driving around town, or volunteering his time coaching kids’ sports teams.

Visit his website and connect on Facebook and Instagram.

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In This Podcast

  • Paid Ads: What to Know
  • Therapists and paid advertising

Paid Ads: What to Know

I would say if you’re getting into paid advertising and want to get really serious about it, you really need some experts on your side. (Andy Seeley)

Having experts help you is key because they may not know everything that there is to know, but their scope of knowledge is incredibly well equipped to help you with what you want to accomplish.

Consider putting a team together instead of hiring a single person. That means that there is always at least someone busy working on your Google or other Ads so that your business does not suffer people changing hands.

Therapists and paid advertising

Knowing your … costs per acquisition and lifetime value is critical and that’s two ends of the scale. Lifetime value … is the average income that you are getting per new customer that you have, and once you have got your cost per acquisition, you then have some rudimentary data to make a decision of how to scale or where to go. (Andy Seeley)

Once you know how much it costs you to get a new customer, and how much money or value that new customer will bring into your business, you find yourself in a place with incredibly valuable data that allows you to make important and strategic decisions.

You can use this data to help you decide whether or not to hire more assistants, how much or when you can start scaling your business.

Often times, where money is made, is in the scaling of the business, not in the charging-as-much-as-you-can-per-month of the business. (Andy Seeley)

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