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Image of Joe Sanok is captured. On this therapist podcast, podcaster, consultant and author, talks about how to to get more corporate and speaking engagements.

What can a clinician do to get into public speaking? How do you set your hourly rates? Can you boost and invest in your brand name in the corporate speaking sector?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks about how to get more corporate and speaking engagements.

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In This Podcast

  • Speaking referrals
  • Setting your rates
  • Brand name

Speaking referrals

The relationships that you build with companies are the best ways for you to receive referrals for speaking engagements.

If you are looking to break into this market, here are some things you can try to stand out:

  • Start doing more articles on LinkedIn
  • Use Help a Reporter Out to make connections
  • Interview people in the industry to write a white paper around trends in that industry

It’s a great way to create a solid piece of content that you put together with some macro, qualitative, and quantitative examples to have an assessment that you [brought] together. (Joe Sanok)

Setting your rates

Whenever you are consulting or speaking publicly, aim to earn at least two to three times more than what you are making hourly in your private practice.

If someone wants you to do a from-scratch talk and you are doing a 90-minute talk, this is from scratch. How many hours prep will this actually take? (Joe Sanok)

Calculate how many hours a talk, including the prep, will take you. For each type of talk that you do, whether a from-scratch talk or on a specific topic, calculate generally how many hours of prep you need.

Present that to the client as your quote, and they will let you know whether that is in their budget or not. There are no set rules telling you how you have to structure your rates, so you can edit or change them as you need.

Brand name

As a speaker and consultant, you become your brand.

If you need to slightly adjust your hourly speaking rates to work with a credible and well-known company, consider it, because having worked with them and received a testimonial is a good investment in the quality of your name.

Remember that even though you can lower your rates slightly, the client is paying for the years of study and experience behind your expertise, not simply for your time.

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Image of the book Thursday Is The New Friday written by Joe Sanok. Author Joe Sanok offers the exercises, tools, and training that have helped thousands of professionals create the schedule they want, resulting in less work, greater income, and more time for what they most desire.

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Meet Joe Sanok

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