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An image of Joe Sanok is captured on the Practice of the Practice podcast, a therapist podcast. He answers questions about how to select associates to make sure they are a "fit" at your practice.

How can you hire people that benefit your practice? What should you specify in the job description? Why should you always listen to your intuition in the hiring process?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok answers your questions about how to select associates to make sure they are a “fit” at your practice

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In This Podcast

  • Where is your business headed with referrals?
  • Hire in line with the type of practice you have
  • Be clear about the job

Where is your business headed with referrals?

When you look at your practice, is there a pattern to the people that you are referring out?

If there is often a commonality and people are coming to your practice with the same issue, and you keep referring them out because you do not work with that problem, consider hiring someone who can fill that niche.

So first, you need to look at your client base before you hire your next associate.

Second, as your practice grows, consider replacing yourself and the clinical role that you play in seeing patients so that you have more time to step into being a full-time business owner.

If I was the only one that was doing individual counseling with angry teen boys, that was going to make it very difficult for me to step back. (Joe Sanok)

Hire in line with the type of practice you have

If your practice runs on more independent clinicians, then hire people that suit that environment.

If your practice is more staff-orientated, then make sure to hire someone who likes to be part of a team effort.

Knowing yourself before you even enter into hiring associates is so important: what kind of practice are you building when you’re adding associates to your practice? (Joe Sanok)

Knowing yourself and what kind of practice you enjoy working in is important because you can use this information to surround yourself with like-minded people; building a team of clinicians who work well together.

Be clear about the job

  • Be clear about what type of job it is
  • What the benefits are
  • What type of person you are looking for
  • Which specialties you are looking for

Be specific about the role that you are hiring to fill so that you can filter out people who are applying for the sake of applying, and get to meet the candidates who are better fits.

With interviews, you must trust your intuition and instinct. Strengthen your internal work relationships by reinforcing and adapting your team culture often.

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