Cedric Bertelli Knows How the Brain Makes Wrong Predictions (and How to Change That) | PoP 387

Cedric Bertelli Knows How the Brain Makes Wrong Predictions _ PoP 387

Is your ideal client someone who has been through a trauma and is struggling to transform the negative emotional patterns that have been created? Are you aware of the concept of emotional resolution?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks to Cedric Bertelli about how the brain can make wrong predictions and how to change this.

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Meet Cedric Bertelli

Cedric Bertelli is the founder and Director of the Emotional Health Institute. Cedric is of French origin and has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for over ten years.

He began his training in Emotional Resolution in 2009 in France and has continued this work in the United States since 2011.

Cedric’s expertise is to resolve disruptive emotional patterns with clients using his understanding of how the brain constructs emotional difficulties and how it can permanently release them.

In addition to working with clients individually, Cedric trains mental health professionals and educators across the United States on Emotional Resolution.

Connect with Cedric over at cedricbertelli.com

Cedric Bertelli’s Story

Cedric used to work in restaurants and hotels, but struggled with a lot of anxiety and anger. He always tried to be a better leader and found an organisation that claimed to resolve any kind of emotional disturbance in 30 minutes. Although he was skeptical, Cedric tried it and it worked! After this, he trained on how to resolve negative emotions himself. It was through training that he came across the concept of emotional resolution.

In This Podcast


In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks to Cedric Bertelli about how the brain can make wrong predictions and how to change this. He shares the two instances in which emotional patterns can be created and how this can be altered through therapy.

Emotional Patterns

Emotional resolution is a process. Our brains are constantly predicting outcomes. If our brains were only reactive, we would be long dead.

Two instances can create emotional patterns:

  • Unwilling short loss of consciousness
  • Very high stress

Emotions always start with a set of physical sensations. When the brain cannot make sense of the physically sensation, that’s when an emotion comes into existence.

After a trauma, the physical sensations that took place at the time of the trauma will continue to take place when triggered. To undo this, the victim needs to embrace these sensations and emotions from a safe place and realise that the trauma is no longer taking place. In that way, the emotional pattern is transformed.

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