Chrissy Lawler Made $5k In Her First Month On Instagram Talking About Sleep | PoP 427

Chrissy Lawler made $5k in her first month on Instagram Talking about sleep PoP 427

Do you have an amazing idea but just not sure how to put it into play? Are you running at a mile a minute and are not sure where to focus your energy to get the best ROI? Would you like some tips from someone who did it and is running a successful business?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Chrissy Lawler about how she made $5k in her first month on Instagram by talking about sleep and how she appealed to her target audience by addressing their pain points.

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Meet Chrissy Lawler

Christine Lawler is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, lover of sleep, and baby sleep consultant. As a clinician and mom of three, she turned her passion for good sleep into a personal crusade to help babies and toddlers and adults optimize their sleep.

She has been practicing therapy for 9 years now, and she slowly started to realize that sleep issues were a common thread among all of her clients. Chrissy got some additional training in advanced sleep medicine and learned that many of the mental health challenges we and (our children) face today stem from inadequate sleep.

Visit Chrissy’s website or connect with her on Facebook and Instagram.

In This Podcast


In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Chrissy Lawler about how she made $5k in her first month on Instagram by talking about sleep and how she appealed to her target audience by addressing their pain points.

Transition From Clinical Work

80% of people with a mental health diagnosis have underlying sleep issues. If we can help people get better sleep, we can improve the baseline. And then everything that we do in our clinical work just builds on top of a healthier foundation.

While doing therapy, Chrissy really loved the clinical work. She noticed that so many of her clients who were the most stuck seemed to have the biggest sleep issues. As an insomnia sufferer herself, she hated that. Chrissy felt like she was underserving the clients that she was trying to work with so then she got trained to treat chronic insomnia.

Myths About Sleep

Babies are not one size fits all and parents are not one size fits all.

The biggest myth is that there is a right or a wrong way. The cornerstone of Chrissy’s approach is that prioritizing sleep and getting good sleep is really important for a lot of reasons. It’s more about teaching people the fundamentals and the basics, to be empowered to know the building blocks of good healthy sleep and have the awareness to trust their intuition to know how to make that happen in their family.

Optimizing Sleep

If we can just take our work and our lives and our stress out of the bedroom, and reserve our bed to be the sleep space and only the sleep space, then we keep that conditioning intact.

Two of the biggest things Chrissy talks to her adult clients about is if you wake up and can’t fall back asleep, or you’re trying to fall asleep at night and your mind is racing, just get out of bed. Also keep mobile phones and TV’s off in the bedroom. In that way, you won’t condition your brain to associate the bed as the place where you lie awake at night. You want the bed to be only the place where we sleep.

Taking on Instagram

And so I kind of just got on Instagram, kind of on a whim as like, screw it. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t have to be curated. I have a message that is important and I want to preach the gospel of sleep.

Chrissy found the whole world of social media was really intimidating. As a therapist, she is private and did not broadcast her life. She soon, however, realized that her target audience was on Instagram. The moms that are tired and overwhelmed and looking for a break was on Instagram. These moms didn’t care if her life was perfect, they preferred to see her messy kitchen in the background because they know that it’s real.

When she took the plunge and got onto Instagram, she was just there to show up and help people. Her following exploded to 10,000 followers in five months. Once this caught on, Chrissy realized this is a space where people are looking for answers. She has now blended Instagram where she talks about sleep, but she’s also a therapist and a mom. So she talks about mental health, self-love, acceptance, and parenting.

How To Get Going

I knew that I could help people. But I couldn’t help anybody if nobody knew that I was there.

Chrissy took a leap of faith and committed to helping everybody for free all month long. All she asked was that people tell their friends about her to spread the message. She was spending hours a day on Instagram, answering messages on the phone with people but her following exploded. By August 1, she had 500 followers and by December 1, she had 10,000.

A byproduct of this month of ‘Tell me your questions and I will help you’ is that she realized that she was getting the same questions over and over again. Chrissy started writing down these answers and so made troubleshooting guides which she started to sell. In her first month of launching these little five-page guides which she sold for $3-$5, she made $5,000.

Slow Down School

It truly has been not only transformational in my business but transformational in my life. After Slow Down School, I cut out a whole day a week of therapy, I raised my rates $50 an hour, nobody batted an eye.

Chrissy has a 6 figure therapy practice working 1.5 days a week and she is on track to have a 6 figure side hustle that she works on for 10 hours a week. And she has everybody else doing everything for her. She attests this to the fact that she couldn’t have gotten that far without the Mastermind Groups and Slow Down School because she just wasn’t organized enough. And she didn’t have the support in the right direction.

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