Colin Jeffries on the Difference Between Being a Marketer Vs. a Provider | MP 58

Do you know what a brand style guide is? Why is it important to create one for your business? What are some of the most important elements to be aware of and make sure to ace in your guide?

In this podcast episode, Sam Carvalho speaks with Colin Jeffries about the difference between being a marketer vs. a provider.

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Meet Colin Jeffries

Colin has over a decade of experience helping businesses and people reach the right audiences at the right time with messages that galvanize to action. His background in digital marketing, content marketing, advertising, branding, strategy, and segmentation helps him bring a holistic perspective to helping organizations grow.

In addition to serving a broad range of healthcare practices and providers, Colin is recognized as a pioneer in direct-to-patient marketing for addiction recovery. He currently co-hosts The Rethink Marketing Podcast and leads marketing initiatives for BrightView, a comprehensive outpatient addiction treatment provider with more than 30 locations and 6,500 patients under care.

Visit his website. Connect on Facebook and LinkedIn.

In This Podcast


  • How B2C brands can learn effective marketing from B2B brands
  • “Marketing isn’t a department”
  • Healthcare, marketing, and Colin’s advice
  • Colin’s advice to private practitioners

How B2C brands can learn effective marketing from B2B brands

To clarify, B2C stands for business-to-consumer and B2B stands for business-to-business.

The top three aspects that effective B2B brands get right in marketing are:

  1. Successful B2B brands usually do not talk down to prospects. Instead, they position themselves as helpers and they position the prospects as the hero and there they speak together on the process between them.
  2. B2B marketers understand the longevity of relationships. This means they have to create great buying experiences, have great customer support, and make sure the products and services on offer are applicable over the course of time instead of treating them as transactional.
  3. In B2B marketing, sales and marketing teams are usually much more aligned because they have to be.

One thing I love to see in B2B brands that I wish we could replicate much more in B2C is having marketing and sales integrate on the strategic plan knowing that there’s less finger-pointing. (Colin Jeffries)

“Marketing isn’t a department”

Any way that customers are impacted and [experience the business that could] change their perception of your business or what you do, that is marketing. To lock marketing up in their own department and say ‘you guys generate the business, we’ll handle everything else’ is a huge mistake. (Colin Jeffries)

Marketing covers not only what appears on your website and business cards, but also how your receptionist is received by clients, how you structure and send your emails and how you interact with vendors and clients, and so forth.

Any way in which your business makes an impact with a client all counts as marketing and should be treated with the same care and intention, because you would want your clients to have a holistic, excellent experience with your entire business, wherever they meet it, in person at your office or on their cellphones.

Healthcare and marketing

Healthcare and marketing is a moving target, as Colin discusses, in that it is not the same as how other businesses market themselves.

When it comes to people and healthcare, very few people go for preventative appointments and instead only go to the doctor or see a therapist after many years, when their average symptoms have compounded to the point where they struggle to function in their daily lives.

[Marketing agencies] don’t understand that the buying process is different, the customer experience or the patient experience is different and that how patients are doing research is different. There are just so many nuances with healthcare specifically that it’s really important to vet your agency. (Colin Jeffries)

Colin’s advice for those that are marketing healthcare:

  • Talk to your patients, have conversations with them because it helps providers find out what is resonating with their patients, what their stories are, and how you can serve them better.

Often times as practice administrators or providers, we don’t have time to go and do that but by putting the right marketing person in place to have those conversations to develop that understanding is imperative and unfortunately often times that can’t be done by an agency due to healthcare regulations and that sort of thing. (Colin)

  • The more you are on the same level as your customers, the more you can connect to their needs and what services they require from you, the better you can assist them and elevate the healthcare you provide.

Colin’s advice to private practitioners

Being a good marketer and being a good provider requires different skillsets. New patients will not come to your practice because you are a good provider, they will come to you because you are a good marketer and the flipside of that is also true: patients won’t stay at your practice because you are a good marketer, they’ll stay at your practice because you are a good provider.

Do not be afraid to ask for help with marketing if it is not in your skillset.

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Meet Sam Carvalho

Samantha Carvalho DesignSam Carvalho is a graphic designer living in Cape Town, South Africa, with over five years of experience in both design and marketing, with a special interest and experience in the start-up environment.

She has been working with Practice of the Practice since 2016 and has helped over 70 therapist entrepreneurs take their practices to the next level by enhancing their visual branding. She loves working with a variety of clients on design-intensive tasks and is always up for a challenge!

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