Consulting With Alison

Hi, I’m Alison Pidgeon.

In 2015 I quit my full time job in community mental health and started my private practice in my hometown of Lancaster, PA. It was scary, but it was the best decision I ever made! I built a solo practice and then started forming a group practice.

3 years later I have 2 locations and 7 clinicians who work for me as contractors along with 2 assistants. The practice is a mix of mostly insurance and some self-pay clients.

In addition, we started a charity fund through a local non-profit and we won the Central Penn Business Journal’s “Emerging Business of the Year” Award for 2017!

My private practice grossed $30,000 in its first year. Now we gross $30,000 in one month!

1,200% Private Practice Growth!?

I want to share with you what I have learned from building a private practice from scratch to a multi-six figure business. I can help with:

  • What works and what doesn’t with marketing a private practice
  • How to systemize your counseling business practices
  • When to hire more clinicians and counselors
  • How to bill insurance and create an insurance-based practice
  • How to use your time efficiently to grow your practice

And I was able to achieve this while operating a practice whose clientele is 85% insurance based (Here’s a link to my free course on adding insurance to your practice). Learning how to bill insurance in private practice is a steep learning curve. But once you get the hang of it, it’s totally doable.

How to Grow a Private Practice

When I started my practice I had an infant and a toddler at home. I didn’t have lots of time to put into building the business so I had to figure out ways to be as efficient as possible so I could be a mom too. I believe in being laser-focused on your priorities. You should be running the business instead of “the business running you.” Time management and delegating is one area I like to help with!

What Counselors Are Saying

“Alison was great to work with. As someone who is new to building a business and considering adding insurance, she was very helpful in calming my fears about being overrun by the insurance billing process. She also increased my confidence that I could manage the billing myself to save money, and gave me useful advice to prevent me from getting stuck waiting for payments. I will definitely consult with her again.”

– Dr. Melissa Leedy, Ph.D.


“You need to do your private practice consulting with Alison!  She gave me new, useful and creative information, in a short amount of time.  Plus, she is personable, easy to talk to, and knows her stuff!  I’m excited to apply this new knowledge to (finally!) launch my private practice.”

–  Heidi McBain, Flower Mound, Texas


“With just one session Alison gave me clarity about my marketing plan. Her wisdom, support, and thoughtful questions gave me focus and direction about who I would market to and how. The worry and stress I was feeling disappeared because of my consulting session with Alison. Thank you so much!”

– Julia Smith, Halifax, Nova Scotia

How I Can Help

You can plan, start, and grow a private practice too! Do you have young children and want to build a business? Want insurance to be part of your practice? Ready to create the exact plan for a group practice, so you can sleep well at night?

I love consulting with other private practice owners to grow their businesses. I can help:

  • If you are in the beginning stages of private practice.
  • If you have been thinking about growing from a solo practice to a group.
  • If you need help walking through the intricacies of the insurance game.

Interested in consulting with me?

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