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STC Logo 1400 x1400Recently I was interviewed for the Selling the Couch Podcast (link posted when it goes live in early May 2015). It was a great experience! I’m really glad that Melvin reached out to me.

Dr. Melvin Varghese is newer to the private practice podcast scene, but clearly he is doing some great things. He’s a licensed psychologist in Philadelphia, PA where he focuses on testing and assessment to help individual across the lifespan. Melvin is a self proclaimed, “Marketing and social media nerd.” His areas of speciality include mood disorders and the intersection of food and mood.



Things to take away from Melvin

I’m always impressed with folks like Melvin. He’s putting himself out there, joined John Lee Dumas’ Melvin Varghese PhotoPodcaster’s Paradise and is really investing in his launch. Here are some things that you can learn from Melvin:

  • Do and then adjust later: Melvin is learning as he goes. He even admitted to me that he’s “still learning editing.” It’s more important to move forward in an imperfect way, than be paralyzed by perfection.
  • Put yourself out there: Melvin reached out to me and other podcasters in our niche. Building these relationships will help him to grow quicker. He now is appearing here, where he may not have if he had not reached out.
  • Fail: Melvin may fear failure, but it didn’t come through. There was a time in the interview that I lost my internet connection, it may screw things up for him, but he rolled with it. As a new podcaster, he’s probably going to fail, say something weird, or just say something that doesn’t come out correct. 99% of people would give up, and that’s why Melvin ill succeed, because he’s the 1% that keeps going.

Resources from the Podcast

Here are a few things I mentioned in the podcast:

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