Creating Intensives and Starting a Practice with Ryan Russ | PoP 455

Creating Intensives and Starting a Practice with Ryan Russ | PoP 455

Are you considering starting a practice? What can intensives do for you and your clients? How can you improve your practice by investing in yourself?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Ryan Russ about creating intensives and starting a practice.

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Meet Ryan Russ

Ryan is the Founder of The Finding Place Counseling. He is a father of three, yoga enthusiast and married to Emily who is the co-founder and powerhouse Administrative Director). He runs 3-day trauma intensives, utilizing EMDR, Brainspotting, Mindfulness, and Somatic Experiencing.

Ryan is also certified in treating Sexual Addiction (CSAT) as his main niche and he has just hired 2 therapists in a bustling new practice, doing out of state custom intensives and cool excellent stuff!

Visit Ryan’s website, and connect on Facebook and Instagram. Contact Ryan at For a free 20 min call on Intensives, contact Emily at

In This Podcast


  • The first year of private practice
  • Tips for a successful first year
  • Intensives and marketing
  • How to communicate the value of an intensive to your clients
  • The Killin’ It Camp experience
  • Slow Down School expectations
  • Advice for other private practitioners

The first year of private practice

Podcasts played a huge role in Ryan’s first year running his private practice. He discovered Joe’s podcast and listened to him while running. Having access to free, great content was incredibly helpful. Ryan quickly learned that he needed to take off some hats and get his wife, Emily, involved. This move was crucial to his success.

Tips for a successful first year

Your private practice is an external manifestation of the internal workings of who you are.

  • Do your own emotional work. Start with yourself. You won’t be able to take your clients further than you’ve gone yourself.
  • Good quality referrals. Having a reputation for doing good quality work will get you good quality referrals.
  • Ramp up your side practice before leaping into it full time. e.g. Ryan was doing 5 hours of practice on the side every week, he ramped this up to 15 hours a week before quitting his job. Allow yourself some life experience before rushing into opening your own practice.
  • Have a niche, find your voice, and invest in yourself. Develop your niche.

Intensives and marketing

Ryan first got into intensives while working at Capstone. He also worked with things like the Trauma Egg, EMDR, and Brainspotting, but found that these take a lot more time. Intensives are more effective in a shorter amount of time. Capstone only offered 90-day intensives so would refer all short intensives to Ryan directly. Existing clients would do mini intensives (4 hour time blocks with specific intervention in mind). Word of mouth did the rest, Ryan lets the quality of his work speak for itself and avoids pushy marketing.

How to communicate the value of an intensive to your clients

This is a thing, this is what we do, it’s very effective. Let’s get you on the books and knock it out.

You need to strike while the iron is hot. Get your clients doing intensives right from the start instead of them getting used to weekly counseling. In the beginning, there is an urgency and motivation to do the work. Be confident with what you’re offering.

The Killin’ It Camp experience

Just to have a peer group to reflect, compare, and bounce off of was very good and powerful.

Ryan and Emily thought that the Killin’ It Camp was incredible. They were blown away by this community of like-minded, energetic, young people all trying to do good work. There was an energy and freshness that you don’t often find at most conferences. Emily really woke up to her role in the business and they connected with other couples also running their own practices.

Slow Down School expectations

Ryan loves the concept of slowing down to focus. He hopes to have a powerful, uninterrupted experience, to be connected with other like-minded people, and to have a quality, meaningful experience. Collaborating with a cohort that’s supportive and has positive energy makes sense.

Advice for other private practitioners

It’s a life calling. Invest in yourself. Begin from the inside out, not the outside in. Do your own work, on your own story, in your own head game, and start from there.

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Meet Joe Sanok

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