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On this therapist podcast, Whitney Owens talks about, Discernment?

What can discernment do for your decision-making? Where do you feel God’s presence throughout your day at work? How can you bring God into your business?

In this podcast episode, Whitney Owens speaks about Discernment; how to include God in your decisions, and where to look for guidance.

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In This Podcast

  • Discernment
  • Valuable questions to discern God’s voice
  • Where do you feel God’s presence?


When I think of discernment, this is our ability to understand God’s direction in our personal lives, and what God is doing in the world around us. (Whitney Owens)

As a business owner, you are making business decisions every day. Even though some are smaller than others, each decision can take your practice one step forward.

Therefore, being cognizant of the Lord and his presence around you while you work on your business is a powerful guiding tool that you can use to make sure that you take your practice in its best direction.

Valuable questions to discern God’s voice

What does the scripture have to say about your decision or situation?

Are there any themes within your situation that maybe relate to a bible passage, or relate to a story from the bible? When you are searching for answers, make sure to be open to receiving ideas and see if any stories come to mind that resonate with your situation.

I want you to check the scriptures, pray, and see if there’s something that pops out to you related to the situation that you’re going through or maybe a verse that can bring you some guidance and see if you can ponder [it] as you try to make decisions. (Whitney Owens)

What does the church say about your situation?

What does the history of Christianity have to say? Which similar decisions have been made by other Christians who were in this context?

Speak with a group of people from your community that you trust and see what comes up. Follow up with your pastor and people that you revere for advice or guidance.

What does reason have to say?

What does your mind have to tell you about this decision? Make a pros’ and cons’ list about the situation and figure out what the benefits and potential negatives could be.

What does your heart say?

How does your body respond when you ask yourself this question; are you nervous, excited, cautious, curious? Work with your intuition as well and the wisdom of feeling.

Think about your past experiences with God and how you made decisions with him.

Where do you feel God’s presence?

Maybe that’s God leading you in a direction that you need to make some changes in … so start paying attention as you go through your day, what feels good and what doesn’t? (Whitney Owens)

The Holy Spirit lives within you and directs you in life as well.

Notice how you feel when you align with your actions, living intentionally and consciously, and see where you feel his presence, as well as where you feel his absence. Work in the places where He is alongside you.

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Meet Whitney Owens

Photo of Christian therapist Whitney Owens. Whitney helps other christian counselors grow faith based private practices!Whitney is a licensed professional counselor and owns a growing group practice in Savannah, Georgia. Along with a wealth of experience managing a practice, she also has an extensive history working in a variety of clinical and religious settings, allowing her to specialize in consulting for faith-based practices and those wanting to connect with religious organizations.

Knowing the pains and difficulties surrounding building a private practice, she started this podcast to help clinicians start, grow, and scale a faith-based practice. She has learned how to start and grow a successful practice that adheres to her own faith and values. And as a private practice consultant, she has helped many clinicians do the same.

Visit her website and listen to her podcast here. Connect on Instagram or join the Faith in Practice Facebook group. Email her at whitney@practiceofthepractice.com

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