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Dr. Taunya Lowe is a Riot Starter

Are you wanting to start a private practice, but are fearful to take the leap? Do you want to leave a legacy, but don’t know how? Do you need the courage to go after your dreams?

In this episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Dr. Taunya Lowe about her journey into private practice, and then consulting.

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Meet Dr. Taunya Lowe

Author, Podcaster, Strategist, Consultant, Trainer and Americas’ Favorite Mindset Coach!  Dr. Taunya Lowe, ‘The Riot Starter’ is an innovative, insightful, change agent who understands the concept of adding value to others. As a trainer and presenter, she is witty and engaging while offering practical solutions, healing the pain points around team progression and productivity, succession planning, and professional development using DiSC and 360 assessments, customized training, and coaching in organizations. A national and international speaker, trainer, mindset coach and consultant. She is the founder and driving force behind the Riot Starter movement which consists of programs, products, retreats, and trainings. She is inspirational, transformational and your partner for individual and organizational success.


Dr. Taunya Lowe’s Story

Dr. Taunya Lowe used to be involved in public health. However, she also found that people were always coming to her to talk to her about their problems. So, she decided to study and get involved in counseling. Since then, she has worked in developing substance abuse, domestic violence, and anger management work. Now, she is a consultant to private practice owners.

In This Podcast


In this episode, Joe Sanok talks with Dr. Taunya Lowe about her journey from public health into private practice into consulting. She started the ‘Riot Starter’ which teaches people how to start ‘riots’ in their lives and businesses in order to leave a legacy.

Start a Riot

“When you step out into something that you consider a huge risk, you tap into areas of knowledge that you don’t actually use.”

Don’t limit yourself! If you want to do something you’ve never done, start thinking about it. There is a huge demand for people with our skillset in almost every industry.

Even when people think you’re crazy, start your own riot for your life, your business, and your legacy. People are watching you and if you don’t step out in faith, your friends and families won’t step out either. Being a riot starter is about being innovative, standing up for what you believe in, and influencing others.

Mindsets That Get in the Way of Starting a Riot

  • Fear
  • ‘Can I really do it?’
  • You don’t need permission
  • Needing support from family and friends
  • Worrying about failure


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