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Fit Learning with Dr. Aditi

Are you a counselor or parent with patients or children who are struggling with virtual learning? Are you concerned that your child is falling behind with online school? How can you improve your child’s relationship to learning for the better?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks about Fit learning with Dr Aditi and 2 principles you can implement at home, today.

Meet Dr. Aditi

Dr. Aditi is committed to transforming EDUCATION for ALL students regardless of abilities, disabilities, or diagnoses. Why? Simply because she has been there…. She knows all too well how defeating it is as a parent to hear the self-disparaging negative comments, and how stressful it is to deal with the yelling, fighting, and crying over schoolwork.

The combination of her own first-hand struggle, professional expertise, and sheer determination to find help her son; was the catalyst for bringing Fit Learning to the Chicagoland area.

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In This Podcast


  • Who was attracted to Fit learning at the beginning?
  • What is a session like?
  • Where does Fit place its focus compared to regular tutoring?
  • Does Fit learning work well online?
  • What is the assessment system for new students?
  • Two Fit principles parents can do at home with their children

Who was attracted to Fit learning at the beginning?

Mostly psychology students and education majors, most of FitF learning coaches come from these backgrounds.

The challenge we have with educational specialists is if they’re not green, its hard to change the mindset of how learning occurs.

There are some nuances involved, but ABA therapists who were interested in chartered teaching for example worked well with Fit learning.

What is a session like?

So whatever gaps that we saw in Lucia’s initial assessment, we created and designed a program that is specific to her, and then we’re able to do those programs each day.

The sessions usually start off with a prime, an activity, or discussion that serves as a warm-up for the student before their lesson begins in earnest. The lessons are reinforcement-based and encourage the learners to have fun while building up their confidence.

The sessions are tailored to how the initial assessment went. Through the assessment, the gaps were found that the student has in their particular subject and the coach, through the lesson, can help the student fill those gaps so that the curriculum is based on their specific academic needs.

Where does Fit place its focus compared to regular tutoring?

With typical tutoring, the focus is placed on going over homework and preparing for tests. This is a good practice to do, however, it does not look at where the root issue lies in a student that struggles with a particular subject or concept.

Fit’s foundation is based on filling those gaps and pulling out those root issues. Coaches are also trained in behavioral studies and can therefore also intervene and help a student where necessary.

Fit also do daily check-ins to see where the student is. If there is no clear progression then an intervention is structured for them to find the issue and solve it, before moving onto the next program.

Does Fit learning work well online?

The pandemic did not negatively impact Dr. Aditi’s Fit Learning much because they already had a successful full online system in place.

The thing we really realized during the pandemic is that we don’t actually need to be in person because the delivery method is so unique and its based on science and data, and we’re able to manipulate the data and the structure of anything to get the outcomes we need.

Coaches through Fit learning become near scientists in behavioral management and learning in order to fully assist their students. Some nuances do come into play if the student has a particularly difficult behavioral issue, however, Fit learning does have systems in place to help make that work.

What is the assessment system for new students?

What we do is take every subtle, single, little component skill of math, reading or logic, whatever subject we’re assessing, and get data points, like a base-line data.

It is an extensive assessment system that observes every aspect, no other assessment is this in-depth. They have highlighted what students should portray in their accuracy and their fluency in a subject depending on which grade or level they are in. This enables Fit learning to know, data-based, when the learner has fully mastered the subject or if they need to keep working on it.

In traditional learning, the focus is on what is not working. However, in Fit learning the focus is placed on why this information is not sticking or being retained.

Two Fit principles parents can do at home with their children

First, figure out what your child’s payoff is, what does your child like to do for fun and how can you incorporate that into helping to shape the behavior you want them to exhibit? This helps to create a reinforcement contingency and will encourage them on a more positive and exciting level to work with the work.

Secondly, it is about fluency, not just about accuracy. By measuring fluency and rate you can clearly see how your child is progressing and this is a vital component for them to build strong building blocks for the next phase.

One of the biggest challenges I think we have with our children and our schools is that we often encourage learning for a test and we have to change that mindset. It’s about learning for mastery so that you can build the next foundational skill on top of that.

With Fit learning, children also do not have to compete with anyone else, only themselves.

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