Full of Shift with Kate Kneifel | PoP 504

Full of Shift with Kate Kneifel | PoP 504

Can small shifts make big impacts? How do most people get stuck in life? What can you do when you feel judgment coming up when you try out new habits and encourage yourself instead of putting yourself down?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Kate Kneifel about being full of shift and how small changes can impact your life.

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Meet Kate Kneifel

Kate Kneifel

Kate has been obsessed with growth, learning, and change for as long as she can remember. SheI spent the first half of her career working in education, first as an elementary and special education teacher, and then as a school social worker. Breaking down complex ideas into digestible chunks for students to learn became an obsession. Little kids don’t sit for hours, so I learned how to help kids learn through experiences, movement, and play. Here’s what she discovered.

Small changes in how we approach learning and implementing new ideas and concepts make a huge difference. She currently owns her own private practice and works as a counselor specializing in anxiety, depression, and trauma.

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In This Podcast


  • Kate on where she sees most people get stuck in life
  • Small steps versus big leaps
  • Trusting yourself

Where most people get stuck in life

Kate sees most people get stuck in life by using the incorrect framework when dealing with different life situations, or situations with themselves. Many people come into problems with shame or frustration instead of approaching a new habit with curiosity, or less judgment.

When people are able to come from that place of curiosity, then it’s not like a one-and-done or if it doesn’t work, then it’s not all over. Then it’s just ‘okay, let’s step back and look at this – what didn’t work, and how do I make an adjustment in order to move forward?’ (Kate Kneifel)

Small steps versus big leaps

Both can work, however for the majority, that may not work for them. They may try a big step and then feel shame for not succeeding and wonder ‘what is wrong with me’ – perhaps they need a different system.

Taking small steps allows you to break something down so that you can do it piece by piece and get a routine out of these small steps. Taking small steps gives you the momentum to keep going when you make consistent little successes.

Noticing your energy and emotion can help to connect you to behaviors that you value and that will guide you to where you want to go.

Trusting yourself

You need to give yourself permission to try new things and trust yourself and your passion.

There can sometimes be a hesitation there about changing course, and so sometimes that’s where the small changes can help too. Take it really small and notice how it feels and move forward that way but that permission piece and changing course really throws people sometimes. (Kate Kneifel)

What you can do when judgment shows up:

  • Notice when it comes up
  • Then people often judge themselves for judging – do not do that!
  • Once you notice it is there, spend a moment with it and see how it makes you feel. Does it actually work for you or not? Does it work only in the short term? What about the long term?
  • Curiosity can be more long term and sustaining
  • Check-in with yourself and consider what can really work for you

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