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Image of Gabrielle Juliano-Villani. On this therapist podcast, Gabrielle Juliano-Villani talks about running an in-home counseling practice.

Have you considered taking Medicare in your private practice? How can you use relationship-building as a method to grow your group practice? Are you interested in joining a community of support and well-being to help you avoid burnout?

In this podcast episode, Alison Pidgeon speaks with Gabrielle Juliano-Villani about Running an In-Home Counseling Practice.

Meet Gabrielle Juliano-Villani

An image of Gabrielle Juliano-Villani is captured. Gabrielle is a clinical social worker and owner at Colorado In-home Counselling. Gabrielle is featured on Grow a Group Practice, a therapist podcast.

Gabrielle Juliano-Villani is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, owner, and founder of Colorado In-Home Counseling, a thriving group practice of 14 therapists, serving adults of all ages who struggle with anxiety, depression, grief/loss, chronic health conditions, trauma, life transitions, and stress management. She has 15 years of experience working in the field of mental health, helping clients find a better work/life balance and creating space for clients to reach their highest potential.

Gabrielle is also a contributor and content creator to the Goodheart Collaborative, an app focused on burnout prevention for women in helping professions. She also runs Medicare Consulting for Therapists, helping therapists understand and bill Medicare.

Visit the Colorado In-Home website. Connect with Colorado In-Home Counseling on Facebook, Instagram and Tik-Tok.

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In This Podcast

  • Gabrielle’s process for building a large group practice
  • Why consider Medicare?
  • Goodheart App

Gabrielle’s process for building a large group practice

I am really big on relationship-building, I love connecting with people and that is how I started to grow my practice. I made connections with other social workers and therapists in the community. (Gabrielle Juliano-Villani)

To start her practice, Gabrielle went to medical offices and asked if she could speak to their in-house therapist or social worker and made connections that way.

Out of every 30 or so places she visited, she made about two or three connections, and they were genuine. It filled up her private practice quickly and led her to make her first hire.

Some mistakes that Gabrielle made were in hiring people and not listening to her gut or intuition when it did not feel that the person fit the role in the practice well.

Why consider Medicare?

It’s really complicated if you don’t understand it and it’s very overwhelming if you’re just getting started. So, I just like to break it down for people and let them know it’s a lot easier than you think it is … and you’ll get a lot of clients if you take Medicare. (Gabrielle Juliano-Villani)

In her consulting, Gabrielle explains what needs to be done and how you can go about incorporating Medicare into your practice. She breaks down any issues or confusions that you may have and provides you with key insights.

For example, there is a difference between regular Medicare and the Medicare advantage plan, and Gabrielle provides step-by-step advice on how to go about the billing process.

Advantages of Medicare:

  • It is one of the highest medical payers in most states
  • They have a good reimbursement rate
  • Clients receive low deductibles

There is a lack of [Medicare] providers so if you are a Medicare provider it’s really easy to get clients, and that’s another thing I help within consulting, is how to market yourself. (Gabrielle Juliano-Villani)

Goodheart App

This App is a space that gives people access to talks, videos, and well-being activities for them to complete that focuses on grounding them with gratitude, information, and intention for the day.

There is a forum that you can use to connect to other people in the App. It can be used at the beginning of the day or at the end of the day to help people care for themselves to avoid burnout.

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Meet Alison Pidgeon, Group Practice Owner

An image of Alison Pidgeon is displayed. She is a successful group practice owner and offers private practice consultation for private practice owners to assist in how to grow a group practice. She is the host of Grow A Group Practice Podcast and one of the founders of Group Practice Boss.Alison Pidgeon, LPC is the owner of Move Forward Counseling, a group practice in Lancaster, PA and she runs a virtual assistant company, Move Forward Virtual Assistants.

Alison has been working with Practice of the Practice since 2016.  She has helped over 70 therapist entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses, through mastermind groups and individual consulting.

Transformation From A Private Practice To Group Practice

In addition, she is a private practice consultant for Practice of the Practice. Allison’s private practice ‘grew up.’ What started out as a solo private practice in early 2015 quickly grew into a group practice and has been expanding ever since.

Visit Alison’s website, listen to her podcast, or consult with Alison. Email Alison at

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