Graham Taylor and Brandon Jones Launched a Social Media Platform Just For Therapists, Counselors, MFT’s, and Psychologists | PoP 546

Have you heard of HelloTriad? What are some of the different communities available to private practice owners? What are some societal trends that mental health professionals should be aware of?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Brandon Jones and Graham Taylor about the world of mental health today and the newest social media hub for mental health professionals.

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Meet Graham Taylor and Brandon Jones

Graham Taylor, PhD, is the Chief Learning Officer at Triad, and is also a clinical psychologist with experience in hospital settings and private practice.  He is the founder of the Taylor Study Method, which offers exam prep for aspiring psychologists and is part of the Triad Network, and is the host of Triad’s podcast, Behavioral Health Today.

Brandon Jones is the CEO of Triad. Before joining Triad in August 2019, he spent nearly twenty years at Kaplan Test Prep: he started his career as an SAT instructor, and then advanced through a series of functional leadership roles, with the last decade spent in general management. 

Brandon is passionate about the transformative power of education; and as an advocate of grit and growth mindset, he believes that just about anyone can do just about anything.

Visit their website. Connect on Twitter and LinkedIn. Listen to the podcast here.

In This Podcast

  • Advice for starting a practice
  • Trends clinicians should be aware of
  • Advice to private practitioners

Advice for starting a practice

Do it. It’s a tremendous field, it’s a great opportunity to serve, the autonomy is there as I mentioned and there’s a great need in our society. (Graham Taylor

There is of course a learning curve, learning about billing insurance, sharing office space, handling ethics and so forth, but in Graham’s opinion it is worth the lessons.

  • Plug into business association: this is a great way to become known in your area, by working with other private practice owners and taking insurance.
  • Be clear on what you are good at. Expand your skills but stay in your realm of confidence and do it well. Form your practice with the clear intention of what you want to be doing.

Trends clinicians should be aware of

Racism surely is on tap. I think there is a significant divide as we’ve experienced as a nation because we’ve forgotten about our shared identity as Americans. I think now is the time for mental health providers to really be involved in our nation. (Graham Taylor)

Mental health providers are first responders on the act of trying to heal the nation and the divide that splits it.

In mental health, there is an opportunity for reconciliation and to build a stronger sense of self, a sense of community, of family, and of nation.

The big headline for me is just the amount of change … there is a lot of flux and acceleration happening … if you are a mental health professional you are also a human dealing with the same changes we are all. (Brandon Jones)

There is also a massive change happening across the board for everyone, mental health professionals included. Be conscious of your own self in amongst the dimensions of change and move with compassion and awareness.

Advice to private practitioners

There are resources out there available to you. You are not alone in this venture of starting a private practice, there are communities for you to join to support you.

Find the resources available to you because there are services and products out there for every aspect of helping you run your private practice.

Be a part of your extended professional community, whether it is local or global, and grow alongside other practice owners because you do not need to run your practice alone.

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