Holly Chantal on Setting Yourself Apart | PoP 396

Holly Chantal on Setting Yourself Apart | PoP 396

How do you find your voice and message in private practice? How do you take the next step when you’ve outgrown your initial business goals? And finally, how can you market yourself and your big idea successfully?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Holly Chantal about how to stand out and find your unique voice within your business as well as how she aligns her clients with their next stage of business growth.

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Meet Holly

HollyChantalHolly Chantal helps trailblazers, visionaries and successful entrepreneurs bring their business to the next level.

Entrepreneurial goals can be a moving target, something Holly Chantal learned firsthand after successfully building a business as an online marketer and brand strategist that was on track to hit seven figures by the time she was 30.

Holly’s Story

Everything changed for Holly when her children were born and she found herself in a deep depression questioning what she wanted from life and consequently her business.

This lead to a deep spiritual awakening that resulted in her taking command of her business in a whole new way that suited her life as a mother and allows her to make an even bigger impact on the world. Today, she works with experienced service-based professionals who find themselves at a plateau in their business with no clear guidance on where to go next.

Whether her clients have veered off course from their initial goals, struggled with expansion plans or have found their business isn’t working for them on a personal level, Holly helps her clients gain clarity on what is keeping them stuck and what the next stage of their business looks like. She does this by combining her decade worth of experience in brand messaging, design strategy, and copywriting with metaphysical tools and intuitive gifts to bring their brand, business model, and marketing into alignment with their next evolution.

You can find Holly on Facebook or visit her website.

In This Podcast


In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Holly Chantal about how to stand out and find your unique voice within your business as well as how she aligns her clients with their next stage of business growth.

How do you set yourself apart to have a better business?

A lot of people struggle to talk about themselves, about how and why they do things. Those are all the things that make you unique and often practitioners don’t talk about those things enough in their marketing. Your unique personality and how you show up with your clients is likely the reason they keep coming back. It’s about creating an experience for your clients and then bring that into your marketing.

I’m going to help you build a business that lights you up.

It’s about listen to yourself and how you say things about yourself then including that in your marketing. When it comes to big ideas and differientating yourself, it doesn’t need to be a wild, crazy idea for it to work.

What is that big idea and how are you going to articulate it? Then be really consistent. Ideas don’t have to be that different in order for you to build a brand around it.



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