How Much Time Should I Spend on My Private Practice? Five Questions for Private Practice Series 1 of 5 | PoP 366

How Much Time Should I Spend on My Private Practice? Five Questions for Private Practice Series 1 of 5 | PoP 366

How much time should you spend working on your private practice? We might call this time “operational hours.” These are hours like networking, building systems, planning marketing, or training virtual assistants.

In this ‘Five Questions for Private Practice’ series podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks about how much time you should spend on your private practice.

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In This Podcast


In this podcast episode series, Joe Sanok will address how much time you should spend on your private practice.

How Much Time Should You Spend

It sort of depends on your goals. Maybe you want to build supplemental income outside of your full-time job, then you’re going to look at the minimum amount of time. Focus on getting a website set up, finding an office, and keeping the systems rolling. You probably don’t want to take insurance, because it’s just for some side money and the hourly is better with private pay (and the paperwork).

Whereas if your goals are to have a super mega group private practice, you may want to spend some time on systems on the front end.

In general, here are some numbers for when you are in the start and growth phase (under $100k):

  • 5-10 clinical hours = 2 operational hours per week
  • 11-20 clinician hours = 3 operational hours per week
  • 20+ = 3.5 operational hours per week

When you first start, you need to work the number of hours you eventually want to work. If you want to see 15 clients, but you only have one, that means you should be spending 14 hours per week networking, doing social media, and building connections. If you want to see five clients in the evenings, but only have two, don’t go home early, work on the practice!

As you start seeing more clients, you’ll want to focus your time on building systems outside of yourself. If you’re wearing multiple hats like a website, accounting, answering phones, scheduling, SEO, and social media marking, these are things you should take off your plate.

Initially, your time should be spent on starting and growing the practice, but then it needs to switch to having the technology, systems, and people building it more.

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