How to Choose Colors and Fonts to Match Your Branding | MP 46

How to Choose Colors and Fonts to Match Your Branding | MP 46

How do you choose the right colors and fonts for your logo, website, and other branding pieces? Which emotions do certain colors elicit? What should you consider when choosing a font?

In this podcast episode, Sam Carvalho speaks about how to choose colors and fonts to match your branding.

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  • 3 things to keep in mind

1. Go for emotion first

Every color elicits a different kind of emotion or response. Some are softer and cooler, while others feel more hot and engaging. Think about the tone you want to set (professional, exciting, soothing, etc.) and pick a color that matches it.

PINK: Feminine, youth, romance, sweet
RED: Passion, aggression, violence, adventure
ORANGE: Excitement, inexpensive, youth, autumn (not a favorite among women)
YELLOW: Happy, friendly, cautious
GREEN: Natural, prosperity, money, stability
BLUE: Tranquil, trustworthy, professional, authoritative (generally a favorite of men as well as women)
PURPLE: Royal, luxurious, romantic, creative
BROWN: Dependable, natural, simple, sturdy
BLACK: Authoritative, strong, refined, mysterious

Be careful basing your brand colors on current trends, as this may not be long-lasting.

Something you should consider, however, are the colors common to your industry.

For example, technology companies love blue and black and the varying shades of each.

But that’s not to say that all brands follow that predictable pattern. Some intentionally go outside the box and pick unexpected colors in order to garner more attention and be unique within their industry.

Try to round your color choice up to a color scheme or color palette. For example, two primary colors and three secondary colors. There should be at least one bold color within the color scheme to be used for call-to-actions.

2. Let your words tell a story

In the same way that colors convey emotion, so do fonts. Some feel more formal, while others are light and whimsical. You definitely want something that’s easy to read at any size or zoom level, but you should also pay attention to what your fonts are “saying” outside of the text itself.

Here are some top websites to help you get the right response out of your brand’s font.

  • — This site’s useful and robust interface allows you to type in the text used for the font preview as well as some other good visuals.
  • — Here, the mixture of amateur and professional fonts available will vary from free to pricey. But the menu of categories will help narrow down the list from thousands upon thousands to more manageable hundreds (or less). Note: Be sure you have proper usage rights; these are notated on each font summary.
  • – The site boasts great font previews and visuals, combined with powerful search and category functions.

Opt for timelessness. Once you establish your branding, you may not want to have to redesign it every couple of years. So, consider a classic, tried-and-true font.

3. Poll your customers

Ultimately, your customers are the ones who need to respond to your branding and marketing. So, if you aren’t really sure about the new look you’re going for, consider asking a few of them for their opinions.

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