PoP 118 | 25 Ways to Grow Your Business While Pooping

In this podcast session, I talk all about how to grow your business using time on the can.
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25 Tips to Build Your Business While Pooping

  1. Be fully present.
  2. Take a deep breath (do this one at the beginning).
  3. Create your “To Do” list for the day or week.
  4. Download the app IF.
  5. Link IF to a StumbleUpon account and Twitter so that whenever you like something on StumpleUpon it will tweet “Love this #counseling article “automatically insert title” [link].
  6. Use StumbleUpon to find great content to thumbs up.
  7. Go through emails that are quick to delete or archive.
  8. Respond to tweets.
  9. Comment on Facebook posts.
  10. Explore new groups on Facebook.
  11. Read part of an e-book.
  12. Listen to part of a business podcast like Practice of the Practice, Smart Passive Income of Youpreneur.
  13. Accept LinkedIn invites.
  14. Pin your blog posts.
  15. Review other therapist’s websites on mobile.
  16. Go through your email and find common questions, brainstorm blog posts.
  17. Find contact information for local radio personalities.
  18. Find counselors in your area with the same specialty, plan to email them later.
  19. Break down a big goal into smaller goals that are 5-10 minute chunks.
  20. Text a significant other something you love about them.
  21. Look at your Google Analytics and find out the top five pages people land on.
  22. Divide your ideas into “Today” and “Soon” within the notes section of your phone.
  23. Brainstorm numbers. For example, if I see 15 people per week now and I make an average of $79 per person, that is $1,185/week. What if I did totally private pay at $120 that would be only 10 people per week. If i want to make $100k this year and work 46 weeks, that’s $2,173.91/week, if I only want to see 15 people I need to charge $144.93 per session.
  24. Dream about paying for something: paying off your house, car, student loans. How much would it cost? For example, if I have $120k left on my house, if I want to pay it off in 5 years, divide by 60 that means I need to put $2,000/month on it.
  25. Block out time in your schedule to exercise, have lunch, and be with friends/family, put it on repeat each week.

Enjoy your poops!

Meet Joe Sanok

consultant headshot JoeJoe Sanok, MA, LLP, LPC, NCC is one of the world’s leading private practice consultants. He is the owner of the Traverse City counseling practice, Mental Wellness Counseling. Joe helps counselors to start private practices and grow them.


Podcast Transcription

Pop 118 | 25 Ways To Grow Your Business While Pooping

[0:00] Music.

[0:29] Practice practice podcast with joe santa monica i am so glad that you’re with me today hope your day and your week is going amazing.

[0:39] Oh it’s a beautiful day here in northern michigan we got some nice sunny weather we don’t get that a ton in the winter unfortunately.
It’s a beautiful day outside it’s right around freezing so it’s not too cold for many of you californians and southern folk.
That is rather cold for you but for us in northern michigan in the winter it is nice and warm so that’s your weather report from traverse city now over to go santa back to talk a little bit about nepal,
so in two thousand i went to nepal with a friend of mine were there for three weeks and,
i have this choice we could either take the route that went up to the everest base camp or we could take the route to go to re,
and i din a bunch of research ahead of time about whether i wanted to go to everest or to go to.
Now the thing about it was i can’t wait to be able to see like i touched everest and all that comes with going to everest base camp but then,
i also started taking you know i really wanna see everest so i email some people i talk to some people.
And they said if you wanna be able to see the went to everest go to everest base camp but if you want the best view of everest in the entire world.
Got to go to,
it’s just a twenty thousand feet you overlook the largest glacier in the world you can see everest and is just magnificent,
so my friend had night were in nam tubes are so even before that we had to.

[2:10] Him an airplane on this little small old soviet jet on that landed on a mountainside kinda like to this little fish tail thing on the side of this cliff.
Then we’d get helicopter lifted into luke locks their building that airport at the time he answered helicopter lifted in.
And height for a couple of days up to ninety bizarre.
So now i’m tubes are is like the last stop for a year before everest and its place for you to canada use to the elevation and we stayed there for like two or three days.
Set this place that was and now i’m she and i think it was called an empty hotel.

[2:49] And it’s just amazing national geographic to this incredible spread and not get the eighties this person that was selling.
Tin roofs african roots they were but they dislike bright blue.
In like almost everyone has is bright blue roofs there so this hotel i didn’t realize.
That was gonna be the last place that i had a flushing toilet and after that it was all squatting toilets now it eagle scout i had been the boy scouts of camp bunch.
But had done a lot of squatting.

[3:25] So you know draw my life i had some bowel issues you know as a kid need a lot of labor and i would you know who once or twice a week and.
Who is kevin not the easiest thing for me and we can go about since unlike home in-house is gonna go so you know we stay all these on the county houses where,
we have a one big fire in the middle and then can everything around hung out this cold people weather that was like snow and yahoo and he’s like cliffs and mountain sides.
Are you just put one foot in front of the other.

[4:00] And so we stay in these places were really cold and i remember it like having to go and get the number to.
And i got a squad and.
Like i look up and these doors only blowing in the wind and there’s like this little piece of twine with a nail and liking one person gives a yank and it’s like hey here i am now nervous and worried and i like.
Couldn’t go for like two days so finally i’m up to go to.
And this other tractor she simple just turn the other direction you know if you’re worried about people seeing you in the opening the door like they open it they won’t know he are those you’ll see your stuff and i was like yeah that’s it that’s decent idea.
So i turned the other direction and sure that sure is the day is light was able to go really easy.
So we hike of go to re we get to the top raise her we left was dark in the sun is coming up and,
now the lake they’re starting to melt and you can see everest in the distance and just amazing so the way up and been so tough though because we change so much with it over trained.
Because as you know we will be ready but we didn’t have enough oxygen so that we felt like we could just like to run.
But really like we just take like one step after the other and it was just high off and get this guide nima who is great is he gonna be leaving a check up everest right after us.

[5:32] And then we had a porter carry most of our stuff in so it’s like we just having a little backpack with mean you and water going up and it was just so tough then on the way down.

[5:43] We end up running we make up two days time in a day because every step down was like extra breath of full air and we literally like ran for like.
Today’s and so we covered three days worth of time in two days.
I’ll get his buddhist monastery that we’re staying at it’s in the evening and there’s these monks chanting in the background and i go out to use the restroom and per usual i turn the opposite direction.
And when i squat down on someone is made a little window in framed right in that window is everest.
And so i’m sitting there facing the opposite direction of what you’re supposed to but looking everest hearing these monks chant in the background.

[6:34] And i was thinking about that in relation not only to today’s podcast just in regards to life that is so often there’s these key moments,
when you exit out from your life like you know that one decision to leave that job that one decision to have that supervisor.
It changed everything and if i hadn’t done that would my life be like if i had,
you kept facing in the same direction and going in the same direction not asking for help i would have missed out on this amazing bowel movement looking at everest and hearing these monks in the background,
and i think that’s so true in private practice where sometimes we change our perspective and,
it just blows our minds incredible do these ways,
the we can take what’s in like regular mundane decisions and they actually are the things that truly launch our business.
So today i am actually going to give you twenty five tips to build your business while you are pooping.

[7:42] We each have time every day they were just sitting there or maybe every other day or whatever your routine is there’s plenty of things that you can do during that five minutes ten minutes half or however long it takes you.
That you can be building your business,
and is that all either way of thinking about how to build your business and is really what i’ve done for a long time where you look for these micro moments.
That you can take a small step forward where you think about if you have three minutes here for a client five minutes here.
Like two minutes here like also a new ten or fifteen are you know half an hour of extra work in a day.

[8:22] Just because of the micro moments me listening to a podcast for three minutes of your walking to go get coffee excuse me go get coffee with someone those all add up an interview and extra.
Twenty minutes a day of work that’s and extra.
Our power has been a week depending on how many times you do that the week see figured actually the hour a week.
If you do that every week for a year that’s if you take to four weeks off that’s forty eight weeks at the extra week a year that you get.

[8:54] And if you figure that out you do that for four years this extra month you get.
So all these little micro moments they add up seventy twenty five tips to build your business while pooping.
Alright first step is i want you to be fully present you know the fact the you have a flushing toilet.
It’s clean the house clean water in it just savor it seems so weird for me to say that.
But like honestly just be fully present sometimes we are somewhere else for building a business but sometimes the best thing you can do for your business is to just turn off your phone and just sit there and take a crap.

[9:33] Second take a deep breath that’s abuse in the beginning of your who rather than at the end of your pay to because.

[9:43] You know it’s gonna stink.
And you want to stink take deep breaths to do full belly breath you maybe do as your walking to the bathroom those full belly breaths are so good for us and as entrepreneur sometimes we hold so much tension in our body so take a deep breath.
Search create your to do list for the day or for the week,
so what are the things that you want to accomplish today what are the small actions you want to get done that’s gonna help your business that’s gonna focus on you getting paid you increasing your income increasing the influence,
we can get stuck with the paper working in stock with opening e-mails and opening our mail and all that stuff,
it’s important for business but sometimes we have to say will what’s the thing is gonna move my business forward the fastest.
And make those the priority so you can make your to do list for the day for the week for the month fourth.
Download the app if you speak up if this then that so ifit is just called if now this app is incredible.
How many do you set it up with these recipes so if you do one thing it will do other things can be something like,
if the weather is calling for rain you automatically get a text message in the morning to bring your umbrella.
So what i do and this is number five is to link if to a stumble upon account so.
What you gonna do stumbled upon is this really interesting website that you can sort articles along certain ideas have to be around mental health could be on like men’s issues women’s issues parenting.

[11:17] Entrepreneurship there’s tons of different categories and i just randomly gives you articles see the link that to if account and then link that to your twitter account or something like that.

[11:27] What you can do then,
is you can use stumble upon to get great content and give it a thumbs up and have automatically post so for example i will pull up the entrepreneurship section,
and go through the ice articles from increase the articles from entrepreneur fancy articles that are really interesting all scan through them and say yep comes up so i have it set up so that if this then that,
automatically will tweet out.
I love this hashtag counseling and hash tag business article and then quote and then it automatically fills in the title.
And so that way i can create massive amounts of content,
i’m twitter in a short period of time always get a bunch of new followers that way it’s a great way to create content,
i’m going to all the time but it’s good of these kind of burst were also know like ten articles one you know who that so when you see a whole bunch of,
great counseling business articles cut you know what i was just doing our service number six you stumble upon to find great content to give a thumbs up.
Number seven.
Go through e-mails are quick to delete or archive and i’m actually do probably a whole podcast on this in the future but really when you think about e-mails they fall into just a handful of categories ones you shouldn’t even open you should just delete,
i wasn’t you she quickly open and archive ones that you should open into a quick reply to you and ones that were all longer rip.

[12:58] It’s all looks am you know using the restroom or just have five minutes to go through and just delete all the ones i know that i don’t need to reply to.
Open the ones in the archive equity read them and archive them and that i will just leave the ones i need to quickly reply or link the reply to.
Those ones i want to read it and that i want to archive some always back to inbox zero is surging at couple years ago and i’m telling you.
It is so good just archive everything and start over to clear email bankruptcy.
Only is look outside and there are people stand up paddle boarding on west bay in northern michigan,
on tuesday the eighth of february as i’m recording this and it’s like thirty two degrees outside that is northern michigan,
in thirty two degree weather in la you guys be in snow suits but we’re out stand up paddle boarding in northern michigan boom that is that is some hotspot.
Alright so number eight.
Respond to some tweets so if you’re on twitter you know from our son some love some stars re tweet respond people send some messages,
you can short fun things you don’t wanna do you this big long email on your phone while you’re going to the bathroom you and you have more on your computer nine comments on facebook posts,
us citizen quick comments under gonna build your business show some expertise with a couple of sentences don’t be pitching your business too much just be providing really good contact number ten explore some new groups on facebook.

[14:33] So you may rd apart of groups prophet himself suggest other groups you might like to be a part of,
you acting so join all those groups but at least explore them what are they talking about what are common things you’re noticing if you do counseling with people that do to prussian,
what are some of the leading groups out there for people that have depression.

[14:50] So i need a couple or drinking coffee give me a second here.

[14:56] Okay to explore new groups that’s number ten number eleven if we need part of an e-book so.
The book says you guys know are electronic books on you can put it into your ibooks or if you have an android device sensor e reader.
Have it open so that you can just pop over to it read a couple of chapters read couple pages while you’re sitting there taking in some extra information number twelve,
listen to part of a business podcast so listen to the practice of the practice podcast listen to smart passive income podcast with pat flynn or you printer podcast with chris tucker on there so many great podcasts that are out there,
i would have gone too loud cuz you know somebody else comes and if you’re in a public restroom maturing but what tax going on,
but yeah listen to a little bit of a podcast to put on your headphones as you leave your office if you go to the restroom and then you can get in a few extra minutes of the podcast.
Number thirteen except linked in a dvd invites so just pop right into the app except the invites done by the bing bada boom,
number fourteen pin some of your blog post,
and so go through and do a few extra pans do some extra you know like make sure that all your stuff that you spent all that time doing content for is getting marketed makes you putting in that time to let people know that it exists,
our ac number fifteen review other therapists websites on mobile what’s really interesting is off to look at people’s websites are there advertisements are different things on mobile and if it shows up really funny up to a screen shot.

[16:35] And also have a really nice email saying hey just see now this is what your website looks like on mobile i use an iPhone six or whatever i have.
In just to let you know this is how it showing up looks like you’re doing great work place don’t you miss out on part of your audience.
And people really appreciate that actually clicked on someone’s sponsored content and facebook to look at it to see what they’re going for their,
tell your page and it was so messy the way that showed up on my phone,
and so i took a screenshot and sent it to her and she is really appreciate of as like if you can spend this kind of money i wanted to let you know that this is how it’s showing up on mobile.
Some people really appreciate it if you and is waiting to interact with it lets see number sixteen,
go through your email and find how many questions and brainstorm blog post so if you get a lot of questions around how can i grow my business how can i go to pressure and anxiety attack what are the common questions that people have.
What are the common parenting questions what are the common dating advice questions to whatever your specialty is within,
these are the question i keep getting that’s why am i am actually of the time this goes live it will have been wednesday in the past i just launched my web and are,
which you know all about how to launch a part-time private practice and,
that was cuz i keep getting questions from people that say i have a full-time job i want to i don’t have a part in practice it eventually grows into full-time how do i do this.

[18:05] I just need to get these people together and do a webinar that all came out of just listening to what people were asking me.

[18:12] Great number seventeen find the contact info for local radio personnel.
Local radio personalities radio is playing one of the best ways you can demonstrate your expertise as a counselor,
we get paid to listen and to speak and to encourage,
and this is ideal for radio and television me scared the junk out to but i’m telling you if you can get a local radio even those like small stations don’t think they have any listen to ship.
I’m telling you it will build such a bedrock of expertise that you’ll be known in the community so well so just look up the information on your back in the office you can email.

[18:53] Alright number eighteen fine counselors in your area with the same specialty and plan to email them later again we’re not doing super in-depth team,
how well dropping a deuce you’re just finding some this information so that we have a little extra time later on,
it’s gonna be easier for you and then you’re gonna reach out to them and say hey i also hope angry kids i’d love to get coffee sometime,
let’s talk looks like you’re doing some amazing work you mind if i share some of your blog posts the more they are out there collaborating with people the more that you’re gonna be on their radar and they may start referring to.

[19:25] Number nineteen break down a big goal into smaller goals that are five to ten min chunks sis goes into the hole micro moments idea,
that you want to find how do you break down these gigantic goals you have maybe to start a part-time private practice to move from part-time private practice and full-time private,
maybe it’s to add clinicians cheer practice or to grow to more than just six figures start to break down and what is that look like really small-scale if you to do all of that in five to ten min chunks of time,
and then once i have like an hour to work and what would that look like in just to make a list in notes on your phone or one of the other whatever you use to take notes on your phone.

[20:11] Alright number twenty.
Text a significant other something you love about them so include this in their oxide read the book the millionaire next door a long time ago am i can actually see right from where i’m standing on my bookshelf.
And what they did is they figured out what are some common traits of millionaires.
And i forgot what the stat was but millionaires tend to stay married,
longer than the average person in question do you have questioning is do they get all that money to work through things,
it i think there’s something else to be said about having a supportive partner about having someone that you can bounce things off of and,
it’s really easy to just put your head down a run through your business and focus on that like that’s the number one thing,
but it’s not there so many other things in life that are just so important,
forget the citizen was telling me that each thing you do it’s like a ball that you’re juggling you got your business you got your health you’ve got on your family your friends you’ve got all these different things that you’re juggling,
are your health in your family are like a glass ball when you drop it,
and break it it’s really hard for to bounce back and so if you know who that was tweet out two of the practice and i’d love to know who originally said that has a love that quote,
it quote like a cord to my summarize look at summary that i just did was an awesome summary who’s the best summary of that quote in which i know not who said it.
Alright number twenty one look at your google analytics and find out the top five pages that people are landing on.

[21:48] And so this is pretty new to then be able to go to those five pages essay of these optimizer these really like,
the best they could be or other clear called the actions that i could have almost top five pages and if you don’t have you’re in the lyrics installed if you don’t have you’re in the lyrics if you don’t understand them if you don’t have the app.
Search through that so that when you go do that number two you can be ready to go.

[22:11] Alright next number twenty two divide your ideas into two days and soon within the notes section of your phone in so i as you may know i am very.
No i don’t have a whole bunch of fat around my business i wanna be super streamlined and so when i have ideas i drop until one notes page on my phone usually it’s an audio cuz those ideas come on doing something else.
And i will drop it usually into the soon section not the today section is all say.
Like the other day i was in the restroom and i was hanging out with my to is my wife’s birthday and i had this idea of fifteen things to do while you’re pooping.
To grow your business so i just quickly like trapped that into the notes section as i was walking out of the bathroom speaking to my phone like a weirdo and then,
it was in there and then you know i have time i you going do it here from making a whole pot guess what to do i poop.
I’m still have your city section in your soon section number twenty three brainstorm numbers can be so inspirational just,
open the calculator on your phone and to just start to run some numbers so for example if you know you see about fifteen people per week,
if you ever seventy nine dollars per session for insurance reimbursement or private pay,
set run some numbers that the one thousand one hundred eighty five dollars a week that you’re making a difference mother numbers what if i told the private private private pay at hundred twenty dollars.

[23:42] What would that look like what i would only be ten people per week and then you can work backwards what i wanna make hundred thousand dollars this year,
and i only work forty six weeks how much is that per week well that’s two thousand one hundred seventy three dollars and ninety one cents and need to bring in,
but only one work fifteen sessions a week what would i have to do for that would be a hundred and forty four dollars and ninety three cents per session c sector on these numbers and say well.
You know if i raise my rates then i could work less or make more or hit some of these schools or if i added you in he book or other products that on me because supplement some of that having your brain get creative it’s super exciting.

[24:19] Number twenty four.
Dream about paying something off for paying for something still paying off your house your car your student loans how much would it cost to run some of those numbers for example if five hundred twenty thousand dollars left on my house,
let’s say i wanna pay that off in five years will that take.
Well divide by sixty months and that would mean i need to put extra two grand on to it if i should be less than that cuz yachts that pay less in intro.
What would it take to get extra two grand a month to make an extra two grand cut expenses by two grand if i want a new car to pay off my student loans,
but what does that look like a number twenty five black out time in your schedule.
To exercise have lunch with friends and family and put it on repeat every week.
Because i truly believe that the more that you invest in yourself and that you enjoy your time as a counselor that you enjoy your time as a person here on earth that you are genuinely,
going to be a better businessman and businesswoman and those my friends of the twenty five thing.
While you are pooping to grow your business if you wanna have that full list i’m having a pdf the you can download you schedule give me your email his head on over to practiceofthepractice.com/session118.

[25:50] Gonna be trying to do a few more of these extra podcasts some bonus podcast for you i’m coming up soon and have this website roundtable it’s gonna be just,
awesome i have perry from greater vision and aaron from legendary lion or doing a five-day podcast all about start to finish,
how do you grow a website how to optimize website so that if you want to put in the hospital you can go do that on your own we talk about,
square weeks wordpress we talk about hosting with all the different things that it takes to launch a website and they just get a ton of their time that can be over five days and then i’m coming up on tuesday,
it’s gonna be the one the only rob bell rob bell interviewing him actually this afternoon.

[26:37] And he toured with oprah he is a pastor speaker creative thinker and he has had new york times bestsellers,
she is one of the people in the world that i most look up to and respect and he is just,
awesome guy kelly he did i went to his today business planning conference and creativity conference it was in the viper room in la in january.
Oh my gosh like i just i so many questions to ask him for this podcast and i just can’t wait to take the time to just dive deeper with him so he’s coming up on tuesday.
What’s the round table is coming up soon man there’s just a lot of things coming up i just had that wedding r.
So having a practiceofthepractice.com/session118 to get that check list of twenty five things to do for your business while you’re pooping,
and you guys are so awesome you’re just amazing you impress me all the time with all the emails that you send me all the tweets and facebook wishes and you’re just doing some amazing things to keep it up.
I love hearing what you doing thanks for letting me in two years since your brain you rack and will talk to soon.

[27:50] Music.

[28:03] Lexy and tyler adams your music is great in this podcast is designed exactly thirty of information in regard to the subject matter covered.
Is gonna understand the house publisher already got surrendering the accounting clerical or other professional information.
You are a professional you should find one at the most awesome conference,
most of the contract come brought you by most awesome conference that comes to sponsor mostawesomeconference.com. Mostawesomeconference.com is a place where people can be more awesome in their private practice most awesome come.

[28:34] Music.

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