How to Launch A Group Practice with Alison Pidgeon and Whitney Owens | PoP Bonus Episode

Have you utilized your time best to create your ideal work schedule? What resources are out there that can help you outsource your work? Can you upgrade your practice even more for your benefit?

In this podcast takeover episode, Alison Pidgeon and Whitney Owens speak about how to launch a group practice and their membership community:

Group Practice Launch

Meet Whitney Owens

A photo of Whitney Owens is captured. She is a private practice consultant and group practice owner. She offers consultation for private practices and group practices. Whitney is featured on Practice of the Practice, a therapist podcast. Whitney Owens is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Private Practice Consultant. She lives in Savannah, Georgia. Whitney owns a successful group practice, Water’s Edge Counseling.

In addition to running her private practice, she offers individual and group consulting through Practice of the Practice. Whitney places a special emphasis on helping clinicians start and grow faith-based practices. Whitney has spoken at the Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Georgia’s annual convention and at Killin’ It Camp. In addition to ruling the world of group practice, Whitney is a wife and mother of two beautiful girls.

Now, She’s Jumping Into The Pool Of Private Practice Consultation

This entrepreneur went from a private practice owner to being a private practice consultant. Providing fellow clinicians the tools they need to run a successful practice.

Visit Whitney’s website, connect with her on Facebook, listen to her podcast, or consult with Whitney. Email Whitney at

Meet Alison Pidgeon, Group Practice Owner

An image of Allison Pidgeon is displayed. She is a successful group practice owner and offers private practice consultation for private practice owners to assist in how to grow a group practice. She is featured on Practice of the Practice, a therapist podcast. Alison Pidgeon, LPC is the owner of Move Forward Counseling, a group practice in Lancaster, PA and she runs a virtual assistant company, Move Forward Virtual Assistants.

Alison has been working with Practice of the Practice since 2016.  She has helped over 70 therapist entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses, through mastermind groups and individual consulting.

Transformation From A Private Practice To Group Practice

In addition, she is a private practice consultant for Practice of the Practice. Allison’s private practice ‘grew up.’ What started out as a solo private practice in early 2015 quickly grew into a group practice and has been expanding ever since.

Visit Alison’s website, listen to her podcast, or consult with Alison. Email Alison at

In This Podcast


  1. Setting up the foundation
  2. Hiring
  3. Make sure everything is running well
  4. Common issues when starting a group practice
  5. Group Practice Launch Membership Community

1. Setting up the foundation

Before hiring people you have to make sure that you have good systems and processes in place.

  • Do you need to set up a phone system that has extensions?
  • Should you hire a virtual assistant?
  • Do you need to change your office space or insurance coverage?

2. Hiring

This can be quite a daunting step in the process, but a very necessary one which will involve:

  • Job posting
  • Interviewing and screening
  • Onboarding

3. Make sure everything is running well

Once you have your foundation set up and you’ve made your first hires you now need to think about:

  • Track data
  • Understand how to manage group practice finances
  • Make sure that your new hires are happy and they want to stay – how do you create a positive culture?

4. Common issues when starting a group practice

  • Not using Quickbooks or an EHR
  • Playing down the importance of having an accountant, attorney, and consultant
  • Not hiring an assistant soon enough
  • Not understanding that it’s a different insurance policy for a group vs solo practice
  • Not thoroughly going through the hiring process
  • Not having a handle on the budget/finances
  • Forgetting to pay themselves a salary
  • Managing KPI’s and intake calls

Group Practice Launch Membership Community

Group Practice Launch is a membership community for the solo private practice owner who wants to start a group practice. Over a period of six months, two group practice owners and business consultants, Alison Pidgeon and Whitney Owens, will lead you through the step-by-step process to start your own group therapy practice. By the end, you will have established a solid foundation for your growing business as well as hired at least one clinician. You will have access to an e-course, private Facebook Group, live webinars, and tons of other resources to help you!

What will be covered:

  • Month 1: Systems: Phones, Email, EHR, Payroll, Liability Insurance
  • Month 2: Hiring First Clinician
  • Month 3: Onboarding and Hiring and Assistant
  • Month 4: Branding and Marketing
  • Month 5: Creating a Positive Workplace Culture
  • Month 6: Managing Your Numbers: Finances, KPIs

Join the waitlist now! The Group Opens on 03/02

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Meet Joe Sanok

private practice consultant

Joe Sanok helps counselors to create thriving practices that are the envy of other counselors. He has helped counselors to grow their businesses by 50-500% and is proud of all the private practice owners that are growing their income, influence, and impact on the world. Click here to explore consulting with Joe.

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