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How to Name a Business

Are you struggling to name your business? Feeling overwhelmed by all the things it takes to start a private practice? Do you find yourself paralyzed by perfection?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks about how to name a business and not let perfection hold you back!

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In This Podcast


In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok will walk you through some techniques he has used with some consulting and mastermind clients to name their businesses.


If you usually brainstorm by using a journal, change it up by doing some audio recordings. And if you are used to using a Tablet, pull out some paper and jot down some ideas. Changing things up a bit may allow you to use a different part of your brain.

What to brainstorm:

  • Your values – what describes you?
  • Outcomes – this might be that people have a better marriage or happier kids.
  • Specialty – what is your specialty and what is that you are really good at?
  • Personality – are you introvert or extrovert? When people describe you as a therapist, person or business owner, how do they describe you?

Unique Names

Brainstorm unique names – what is something that is really personal for you? It’s more important to have a name that you love than to just choose a name that ranks high in Google.

Land on a Few Ideas

Start eliminating some words, put them in a pile. Check if the URL is available for this name.

Play on Words or Find Double Meaning

Think of names with double meaning or something that has a play on words.

Set a Timeline

Do not overthink a practice or business name. You can always file a DBA (doing business as) – consult with an accountant or attorney about your State rules.

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