How to Save Time and Not Lose Money

How to Save Time and Not Lose Money

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with things that need to get done? Are you constantly finding there not to be enough hours in one day? Do you struggle to make ends meet at the end of every month?

In this (bonus) episode, Joe Sanok speaks about how to save time and not lose money.

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In This Podcast


In this bonus episode, Joe Sanok provides some valuable tips on how to save time (and money). These include: sprinting, hiring a virtual assistant, raising your rates, filling your time with tasks when you have a cancellation / break, and putting systems in place. Part of these systems could include MeetEdgar, which automatically posts your social media content. By visiting, you could stand a chance to win a year of MeetEdgar for FREE!

5 Ways to Save Time

1. Sprint

The brain, over time, doesn’t pay attention as much, i.e.: ‘vigilance decrement’. Break things up into 20 minute sprints. Take five minutes to prepare for the sprint and ensure you don’t get distracted during the sprint.

2. Hire a Virtual Assistant

If you are charging $150 per session, you could hire a VA for $15 per hour. You are then, effectively, buying 10 hours of work for the value of one counseling session. Set up a Trello board with the following columns:

  • Things you have to show up to do
  • Tasks you love to do but can’t do (don’t have the time)
  • Things you hate doing and shouldn’t be doing

3. Raise Your Rates

When you’re really busy, it’s time to raise your rates. Do an experiment with a few clients that phone to book an appointment and test it out.

4. Fill Your Time When People Cancel / When You Have a Break

Give yourself a short window of time to get things done. Don’t focus on getting it done perfectly, but rather to keep moving forward. When you’re at work, you should be sprinting toward your goals and, when you’re at home, you should leave your work behind.

5. Find a System to Do Something

People / organizations / technology that can perform tasks for you. For example, Practice Solutions, helps you with your insurance billing. Or, have an IT company improve your website, i.e.: BrighterVision. Or, automate your social media with MeetEdgar. You can spend time engaging with people on social media while MeetEdgar handles posting your content on your behalf.

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