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On this therapist podcast, Joe Sanok talks about how to slow down, Thursday is the new Friday.

How do you slow down? What are your non-negotiables? How can you use the principles of “adding” and “subtracting” to optimize and uplift your weekends?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok discusses How to Slow Down from Thursday is the New Friday.

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In This Podcast

  • Joe’s tips for slowing down
  • Add and subtract
  • Rein in your schedule
  • The first step to moving towards freedom in your schedule

Joe’s tips for slowing down

Doing your best work is only truly possible when you have taken care of yourself. You can do work, but not at your best when you are stressed out and maxed out. You do your best work when you have slept well, eaten good food, and have given your body and mind a chance to rest.

Put hard boundaries in place

These are your non-negotiables that you stick to and protect. They could be:

  • Not working on a Friday
  • Not answering general emails over weekends
  • Sticking to a weekly creative hobby

Put soft boundaries in place

These are things that are important to you, but that you are willing to work on if it is necessary. They could be:

  • Helping out with an emergency at work
  • Then finding a way to prevent it from happening again in the future

Finding those hard and soft boundaries [are] some of the first steps to really start moving towards having more of a slow-down lifestyle. (Joe Sanok)

Add and subtract

Over your upcoming weekends, add something and subtract something.
Add something into your weekend plans that is going to light you up and make you excited, something that is for you.

Then, subtract something from your schedule that you normally do over weekends that makes you feel drained and depleted. If it is something that is necessary to get done, find ways to change them up a bit or try to have someone do it for you.

Rein in your schedule

If you find yourself working constantly but not getting anything done, scrambling from item to item on your checklist, and feeling drained at the end of the week: stop it. Change it up, and rein it in.

Find your non-negotiables and change the rest because it is possible for you to get to everything without sacrificing your mental and physical well-being.


  • Taking Fridays off from noon
  • Not working on Fridays at all
  • Taking Wednesday off and working the following two days

It doesn’t really matter exactly how you structure it. Just do some experiments to see for a couple [of] months if you rein your schedule in differently if you actually are less productive, or if you are more productive because I bet that you’re actually going to be more productive in fewer hours. (Joe Sanok)

The first step to moving towards freedom in your schedule

To see change externally in your life, you need to start internally with yourself.

Thursday is the New Friday discusses the internal inclinations of top-performers, slowing down and clearing your mind to enter a space where you can truly absorb new knowledge and achieve new insights.

These three internal inclinations are:

  • Curiosity
  • Having an outsider perspective
  • Having the ability to move on it

The key is that real productivity comes from organizing your internal world, which is what your external world will manifest itself from. Getting your mindset, health, and creativity up to strength and speed will help you to create truly meaningful change in your life.

If we can do that internal work first, it allows us, when we enter into the other skills, to be more prepared. That soil is ready to grow versus “I’m just going to jump into the end-goal of productivity.” (Joe Sanok)

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Image of the book Thursday Is The New Friday written by Joe Sanok. Author Joe Sanok offers the exercises, tools, and training that have helped thousands of professionals create the schedule they want, resulting in less work, greater income, and more time for what they most desire.

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