How to Use Instagram to Promote your Blog Posts

How to Use Instagram to Promote your Blog Posts

Using content marketing to promote your practice is crucial in today’s digital world. You’ve studied hard and done a ton of training to become a therapist. Now you can use the knowledge you’ve acquired to help others and promote your business at the same time. Creating content, like a blog, is an easy way to experiment with content marketing. If you don’t have a blog, check out this post to see why you probably should start one.

Promoting your blog

Ok. So you’ve decided to blog. Great! You’re optimizing for SEO. You’re writing for your ideal client. And you’re being consistent with your content output, whether daily, weekly or monthly. If you’ve done all the things mentioned above, you’re in really good shape. But if
you’re creating really useful content, more people need to see it.

Enter Instagram

Instagram is an incredibly popular platform for sharing photos and videos. People are spending more and more time there, meaning your ideal clients are probably spending more and more time there, too. One of the drawbacks to sharing blog posts on Instagram is that you can’t include a link in your post. But you can include a link in your bio.

However, it’s still hard to condense an entire blog post into one image. Yes, you can create an infographic, but that’s not right for every post. So can you share your information in a way that translates to Instagram?

The Story

I like to share my blog content on Instagram through a Story. There’s a great post on creating a story here.

An Instagram story stays live on your feed for 24 hours. I write a blog post a week and create a story for each post. I then share my story and save it into my highlights album so that people can read it all week long. Then I include an image at the end of each blog post story showing people where to click to find the entire post.

Here is a step-by-step guide of how I promote my blog posts on Instagram.

  1. I write and publish an amazing blog post on my website.
  2. I create a story for Instagram using Canva. (Canva is a free design tool that you can access and create stunning graphics for your website and blog. There are excellent free templates so you can stay consistent with your brand by using the same colors and fonts on each post)
  3. After I’ve created my story, I share it on Instagram as a story, by way of the camera icon in the top left corner.
  4. I save the story to my “highlights” album so that people can view it from my profile for the entire week.

If you’re curious about what this all looks like in practice, check out my Instagram profile @TomBruettTherapy. Good luck!

Tom Bruett is a licensed psychotherapist in San Francisco, CA.  Tom works with couples and individuals that are looking for more connected and meaningful relationships. 

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