Introduction to the Faith In Practice Podcast | 01

Introduction to the Faith In Practice Podcast | 01

Are you curious about how to build a faith-based practice? As a business owner, how do you build a faith-based practice in an ethical way? How did Whitney do it and what is her story?

In this first episode of the Faith In Practice podcast, Whitney Owens gives insight into her experience with the success of her own faith-based practice.

Meet Whitney Owens

Whitney Ownens Faith In PracticeWhitney is a licensed professional counsellor and owns a growing group practice in Savannah, Georgia. Along with a wealth of experience managing a practice, she also has an extensive history working in a variety of clinical and religious settings, allowing her to specialize in consulting for faith-based practices and those wanting to connect with religious organizations.

In This Podcast


In this first episode of the Faith In Practice podcast, Whitney Owens gives insight into her experience with the success of her own faith-based practice.

The purpose of this podcast

To begin, we decided to start this podcast to help those think through whether they want to start a private practice, how exactly to do it, and then ultimately how to really grow it. We want to show clinicians how to build a practice with a faith-based perspective, and the understanding of how to do it in an ethical way.

Whitney’s story with a faith-based practice

As you may or may not know, Whitney is one of the consultants at Practice Of The Practice. She grew up in Georgia and throughout her childhood and high school, was naturally drawn into faith because of what she went through. She got involved in a church and that’s where her faith really grew.

In college, her faith grew even more. Not long after graduating, she wondered what she wanted to do as a profession. Whilst considering youth ministries, she ended up becoming a missionary. It was during that time that she started counselling and after much prayer and consideration, she figured out that she was quite good at it, and this is what she wanted to do.

So she went off to university and got a master’s degree in professional counselling. After graduation, she moved to Colorado and took a job at a psych ward for 4 years.

While she was there, she made a connection with another counsellor that supervised her and got her into private practice. Things were going really well! Until they were all let go of their jobs. All of the clinicians decided to find office space and started seeing their clients one week after they were let go. Each started their own practices but all collaborated like a group practice.

But then Whitney and her family moved out to Savana and she felt like she had taken so many steps backwards.

Coincidently, someone from graduate school reached out to her about a friend who was also a faith-based counsellor. They decided to rent some space together and just go for it. A connection from one of the churches brought them in as church counsellors where they worked with the church for a year.

They started getting really busy, with Whitney seeing 18 clients a week in 2016. It was around about that time that Whitney also started listening to Joe’s podcast. She managed to connect with him and have a consulting call with him.

Joe said to her that she needs to:

  • raise her rates,
  • hire an assistant
  • and join his mastermind.

So the next day she joined Joe’s mastermind. And in January 2018, she hired her first contractor which was a big jump and a great experience to be able to refer people to her. She was growing and then Whitney hired another contractor after that. That summer she also hired her first assistant.

After some bumps in a road when both contractors left she changed her business model and started hiring employees rather than contractors in Nov 2018. By Jan 2019, she had hired two more and in Aug another two. It was growing fast!

The practice is now 5 times the revenue it was in 2016. But what really helped was the consulting as it pushed Whitney to make the jump as well as gave her the community support she needed.

This podcast is going to help you do just that too, to grow and scale.

What is the one thing you wish faith-based practices understood better?

Understanding that you can be a Christian counsellor without always acting overtly Christian. That means doing good work can be good work. Do good clinical work, do good for them, and if they want to talk about their faith, they can.


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