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Jennifer DiGennaro got Seven Clients in Her First Month

Are you on the fence about getting started because you don’t have everything perfectly set up yet? Not quite sure how you can get your first clients? Do you know that there is a great community of people who could help you along the way?

In this podcast episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Jennifer DiGennaro about how she got seven clients in her first month.

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Meet Jennifer DiGennaro

Jennifer is the founder of Nourished Energy, a holistic psychotherapy practice in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She specializes in treating binge eating disorder, chronic stress, body image concerns and trauma.

Jennifer’s website and blog can be found at

Find out more about Jennifer here:



Jennifer DiGennaro’s Story

Jennifer originally founded Nourished Energy to help people step out of diet culture and into their bodies. She quickly realized the often-common link between unresolved past hurts to current issues and symptoms.

From working with people experiencing devastating depressions and overwhelming anxieties, to body disconnection, binge eating and troubled relationships, Jennifer could see the depth of the hurt. Jennifer believes that as powerful as talk therapy is, there is more. She began to take training’s that brought the body, heart and spirit into the therapeutic relationship.

In This Podcast


In this episode, Joe speaks to Jennifer about how she started her practice in 2015, when she was heading into grad school. Jennifer started this practice before she attained her Masters Degree, she got a certification in intuitive eating counseling – something she is very passionate about.

She was doing an internship at a private practice where she given a lot of autonomy and was working with several clients. Jennifer made these clients aware that she would be going into her private practice in a few months.

Jennifer got her license at the end of February this year and since then she has moved into her office. When she opened up her doors for business she already had seven clients on her books whom she had previously worked with.

Before Launching Jennifer Focused On:

Embrace imperfection, it will paralyze you if think everything needs to be perfect. You’re allowed to make mistakes.

  • Her website and writing her own copy
  • Getting business systems in place
  • Opening a bank account
  • Joining Next Level Practice

Why Jennifer joined Next Level Practice

If I hadn’t joined I think I would have felt lonely and lost.

  • Being in a community of people who could guide her
  • Sharing real life experiences within their businesses
  • Having the human connection aside from all the resources made available

Next Steps for Jennifer to Grow her Practice

  • Creating more visibility and getting a marketing strategy
  • Get more consistent with her blogging
  • Connecting more with people who her work speaks to

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Meet Joe Sanok

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