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Kasey Compton Started a Million Dollar Practice

Are you wanting to grow your practice into a group practice? Do you struggle with the business side of private practice? Are you looking for tips on how to onboard clinicians?

In this episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Kasey Compton about how she started a million dollar practice in three years.

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Meet Kasey Compton

My area of specialization is in anxiety and panic disorders. I work with clients from early childhood to ages 65+. I use a very successful treatment program to reduce and/or eliminate the anxiety and panic that you are experiencing in your life. All of my clients who have completed this program have experienced significant results. I look for people who are dedicated and willing to commit to the treatment process. These clients are always the most successful!

Kasey Compton’s Story

Kasey knew as soon as she got licensed that she wanted to start her own private practice. Yet, she soon realised that she wasn’t ready. So, she joined a group practice for a few years to ‘watch and learn’. Then, once she felt more knowledgable, she went back into her private practice.

In This Podcast


In this episode, Joe Sanok speaks with Kasey Compton about her journey into private practice. Although Kasey initially backed out of private practice to join a group practice, she eventually went back and went on to build a million dollar practice in three years. In this podcast, Kasey shares what she focused on in the first year as well as how she goes about onboarding clinicians.

Setting Up Private Practice

  • Licensing
  • Credentialing (insurance panels)

Biggest Things Kasey Worked on in First Year

  • Process
  • Infrastructure

Didn’t advertise for the first year or so until all processes and infrastructure were optimised.

Started practice in October 2015, but didn’t start off as a group practice from the beginning. Kasey’s sister came on board to help start the group practice. Added clinicians very slowly as they were very picky about who to employ. Initially, brought people on as 1099s. By the end of the first year, they had 10 clinicians which they had added to the business as 1099s.

Even to this day, they make use of hiring incentives to ensure the onboarding of quality clinicians. They also, eventually, gave their employees the option to move over to W-2 contracts with extra benefits.

Successful Characteristics

  • Stubborn
  • Strategic


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