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Image of Katie Bailey. On this therapist podcast, Katie Bailey talks about having Practices in Two States

How would you set the hourly rates of your practice in two different states? What are the first steps to registering your practice to work in another state? How do you unify your staff in two states?

In this podcast episode, Alison Pidgeon speaks with Katie Bailey about Having a Practice in Two States.

Meet Katie Bailey

A photo of Katie Bailey is captured. She is a professional counselor and group practice owner at Lime Tree Counseling. Katie is featured on Grow a Group Practice, a therapist podcast.

Katie started Lime Tree Counseling in 2018, and her husband Nate has now joined her in running the practice. With a growing team of six clinicians, Lime Tree’s team sees clients in PA, CO, and NC. Working together in private practice allows Katie and Nate to do what they love and have a wonderful work-life balance!

Katie works with people who struggle with anxiety, both those who have elevated anxiety that is connected to trauma and those whose anxiety comes from other sources. Constant worry and panic attacks are no way to live. Her goal is for clients to reclaim their peace and enjoy life again.

Visit the Lime Tree Counseling Website. Connect with them on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

In This Podcast

  • Tips on running a business with your spouse
  • One practice in two states
  • Setting rates
  • Katie’s advice to practice owners

Tips on running a business with your spouse

  • Communicate clearly: both in the marriage and the business, help one another out by practicing clear communication. Ask questions to fully understand one another.
  • Divide and conquer: set up the business so that you each work with your strengths in different areas of the company.
  • Be proactive: if something is coming up in the business – or marriage – that needs to be addressed, be proactive. Initiate a conversation to be on the same page.

One practice in two states

Katie Bailey had a valued staff member move to a different state and therefore decided to expand the practice so that the employee could remain a part of the business.

I learned a lot and I think the decisions and what you need to do are different based on where the clients are going to be seen. (Katie Bailey)

First steps to working in a second state:

  • Consult with an attorney from the new state to set up the paperwork. Each state has different requirements.
  • Consider working with a business attorney to make sure the business is properly registered in the new state.
  • Speak with your payroll company to make sure that you are registered properly so that you can pay taxes correctly.

It is not difficult, but sometimes it’s tedious with all the different account numbers. But that’s what you have payroll companies for and people to help you walk through [this process]. (Katie Bailey)

Setting rates

Research the new state to see what the general rates are for the work that you want to do in your field.

You can change your rates to suit those of the new state that you are doing business in, or keep your rates the same as your practice in the original state.

For simplicity’s sake I kept [the rates] the same [because] it felt complicated … I wanted to keep it consistent because … it felt better ethically to me. (Katie Bailey)

Katie’s advice to practice owners

Keep your values consistent and make your decisions in alignment with your values.

By sharing the goals with the team, you help your staff feel included and a part of the growth of the company.

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Meet Alison Pidgeon, Group Practice Owner

An image of Alison Pidgeon is displayed. She is a successful group practice owner and offers private practice consultation for private practice owners to assist in how to grow a group practice. She is the host of Grow A Group Practice Podcast and one of the founders of Group Practice Boss.Alison Pidgeon, LPC is the owner of Move Forward Counseling, a group practice in Lancaster, PA and she runs a virtual assistant company, Move Forward Virtual Assistants.

Alison has been working with Practice of the Practice since 2016.  She has helped over 70 therapist entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses, through mastermind groups and individual consulting.

Transformation From A Private Practice To Group Practice

In addition, she is a private practice consultant for Practice of the Practice. Allison’s private practice ‘grew up.’ What started out as a solo private practice in early 2015 quickly grew into a group practice and has been expanding ever since.

Visit Alison’s website, listen to her podcast, or consult with Alison. Email Alison at alison@practiceofthepractice.com

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